Sunday, July 19, 2009

busy busy bee

It’s been, again, a long while since I posted. Excuses excuses when am I ever without ‘em!

It’s been an overwhelming few weeks turn months. Firstly I was mugging my orthopedics notes like cuh-razy ‘cos we know what happened the last time (just realized that I forgot to mention in my previous post I failed my first test and was subjected to an entire month of having to wake up at 06:30 in the morning to work, yup it was a very tragic period). Except now the penalty’s stakes higher: extension. For a houseman only 2 things can go wrong in your career path:

1. weekend rounds
2. extension!!

No.2 is definitely a killer. It’s difficult to explain why we just can’t stand to retain even for ONE extra week in the same department past our due date. For the big people (our bosses) they believe an extension is a good way to improve your knowledge in that department if ever they believe you need one. I’ve seen people get extended and they sure as hell don’t look like they’re anymore amp-ed up to learn as they did before. If anything, an extension is just a serious demoralizer. Extended housemen are just walking zombies who don’t give a f*ck about work anymore. They’re just counting the days till they get to leave. So… I don’t see how an extension really serves the purpose of an EXTRA learning experience. But what do I know? I’m just a houseman right?? Anywayyys what I meant to say is… in order to avoid myself ending up a demoralized zombie wandering about the ortho wards, I GOTTA PASS TIS EXAM! So I’ve been studying. Learning from my previous mistake of choosing to frolic about with my boyfriend rather than mingle with my books-lor. And so… hence the missing-in-action bit.

Then I fell sick. Ironic hor? And I refused to take medication too. Again, ironic hor? I guess I wanted to give my immune system abit of a nudge. Poke more like it. It took me 3 weeks before my simple URTI (upper respiratory tract infection: cough, flu.. the works) finally called it quits. Even so, I’m still reeking of residual bacteria: the sputum just won’t stop sputtering. And so, with the rest I had to take… hence the missing-in-action bit.

u kno how u're always sick and cud never really recover in due time
moi: i'm sorta goin thru tat phase
Ah Ry: yikes...
moi: and i tink being a doctor makes me a terrible patient
Ah Ry: what do you have?
moi: i'm letting my immune system ride it out
Ah Ry: see!!!
moi: cough, cold d works
moi: and its SOOO not working
Ah Ry: work it!! work it!! work it!!
moi: i have non-spartan immunity too (like you)
moi: crap
Ah Ry: haha.. let em immune system get their asses to work
Ah Ry: no more lepaking at mamaks....
moi: i wa slying in bed 1 day coughing my ass out and i was like darn advices i gave to ppl
Ah Ry: get them back to work!!
moi: karmic retribution biting me in d ass

Also I’ve been working on a new site. I suppose I’ve already made it pretty public in my entry on July 13th that I’m putting my pre-loved threads on sale at very oh-so-affordable-yet-also-oh-so-gut-wrenching-to-me prices. Actually it all started when I found myself having to pay back on some “nazar” (as in giving back after blessings have been granted on my prayers/wishes). I used to teach English for free to the village children back in Jatinangor, Indonesia when I passed my 1st year medical school. After experiencing some rainbows and happy clouds recently, I was looking to do some…

“Philtrophy… Philopothy… Philantropy!”

Ahaha just a quick funny House Bunny note for you there.

Anyhowwwza charity requires money and I don’t have much… well, not enough to throw a happy McDonald’s party for an orphanage at least. So I sat for a long while thinking how, in my own terms, could I raise some funds on my own without it be too much of a compromise? And suddenly *BING: EUREKA*! I’ll do what they all do: I’ll sell my pre-loved gear for a mere fraction of the price. I do have ALOT of clothes… seriously I’ve got so much it’s terribly vulgar. I don’t even wear a lot of it anymore (mainly ‘cos I hardly ever hit the clubs etc…). I started scouring my wardrobe picking out stuff I’ve either worn once/twice or don’t plan to wear anymore, taking pictures of them, labeling them… man it’s quite hard work. Then thoughts had to go into the site… and details of shipping/payment. I mainly looked to Murni for guidance and I do hope she doesn’t mind me “cedok” abit of her concept here and there. Hence the missing-in-action bit…

Not forgetting I’ve got a ‘secret project’ going on too. What?? If you can forgive Kenny Sia you can forgive me for my absence too OK. I’m so the-dying to tell y’all ‘bout it but I can’t ‘till IT IS TIME. I hate waiting. Oh er… and hence the missing-in-action bit…

Also I’ve been walking the streets. Walking and NOT working the streets y’all.. eh eh don’t get any ideas :P I’ve started to sell tudungs too. Man I truly underestimated the difficulty of direct selling. The amount of effort, time and patience invested just to sell a piece of tudung is OBSCENE. It’s like the fundamentals of marketing coming to play and episodes of Trump’s The Apprentice of blue-collared millionaires starting out with lemonade stalls starts flashing through my brains. Trying to earn some kachingkos to finance my SECRET PROJECT-lah. Last but not least, hence the missing-in-action bit.

So please my darling dear babydolls and help me raise $$$ for philtrophy… philopothy… I mean charity by spreading the word on Bisou Rose (which means pink kiss in French) and buying some pre-loved gems in exchange for orphan smiles.

Love y’all long time.


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