Sunday, September 06, 2009

weird jap crap

I'm so cuhrazy over Japanese sh*t lately!! I've always been loving Sanrio + San-X stuff along with Daiso but now it's hilarious Japanese kitschy beauty products. Sasa does stock a couple of Jappy beauty stuff but now, for all you Jap weird crap enthusiasts, you can get all funny cutey nonsensical from loadsa place... hee!

Something came in the post:

* peekaboo!*

L-R: Kenassy Depilatory Sponge (remember this from XiaXue's 'Weird Stuff'... I hunted, located, purchased this just 'cos of it!), Strawberry Hair Muffin, Dahoo Scratch Callus Removal Tool, Magic Headband, Calorie Off Massage Shaper (hello thin-new-me!)


You can get all these from: 4allbeauty


Dddy's a big kutu rayau. He's the one who found this shop! It's pretty hilarious too. Sells quite abit from 4allbeauty and a lil more...

L-R: Cell(ulite) Roller, black + pink cotton buds with ribbed ends (ahhhhh...!) and cream spatulas
Yokoso Shiyuki
Lot G17 Ground Floor
1 Utama
Petaling Jaya

Wahaha!! Have fun go mad y'all!!


Cindy Khor said...

i'm in loveeeeee... with these jap products too, they always come up with all sort of useful but weird looking thingys...

but it quite unfortunate that in order to get my hands on them, i have to order them from ebay which cost me a bomb everytime

shelbybaby said...

cindy: ooo ebay, ouch!! quickly come back for a holiday and storm the stores :D

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