Tuesday, June 16, 2009

matthew williamson for h+m!


Whoah. I know this is all stale news my fellow Englishmen but I've been off the fashion radar for abit. Man I LOVE MW. Seriously. Since the spring/summer '05 collection I've dreamily followed his label right 'till his entrance into Pucci. ME LIKES!! So these are afew of my favourites...

Long layered tiered-ruffle dress. I'd wear this while performing a venepuncture.

Embroidered peasant top. I'd wear this while inserting a urinary catheter.

Printed fuschia bikini. I'd wear this while making sutures.

Turquoise printed swimsuit. I'd wear this while off-ing sutures.

Bird printed kaftan-scarf. Perfect as a dressing towel for wound inspection.

Printed sunnies. I'd wear them during messy Ray's amputation to keep away accidental blood splashes.


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