Saturday, June 20, 2009

lomo's 25th beeday

Lomo and me... we go back a longgg way.

I bought my first Lomo from The +clickproject (better known as Wondermilk now). Read about the amazing camera in a magazine (was it Seventeen magazine?) and later found (after a long painful search) at a local source. Back then they were based in a tiny loft-like space upstairs just afew doors away from Dharoos mamak, Damansara Uptown. Year 2002. I was in 2nd year med school. It was a silver Supersampler that took pictures like this:

Man. My fire-engine red Birkins! Those were some long time long time ago...

I've been getting emails from Lomography Asia regarding LCA's 25th anniversary partayyy but with my uncompromising houseman sched hell I'd get a chance to drop like it's hot in Hong bloody Kong. So when I got an invitation to come join in the Lomorrific fun over at Wondermilk Cafe, how could I say no?? :)

Partner-in-crime: Guy-lor. The poor fella's subjected to a life-long sentence of having to attend to my whims and fancy *giggle*

Guy's really fascinated by their interiors. It's very old-skool and very his era wor... See the fairy-lights behind? They're actually cupcake liners. Brillianto.

Lomo cuppacakes. Yum.

Kids (whoah did I just say kids?) decorating their paper Lomos in a deco contest.

You cannot imagine the papparazzi frenzy that ensued the moment the candle-lit cuppacakes were brought out. You'd almost think Zac Efron turned up in PJ.

Oooh Mr Pink Diana F+ I've been waiting to get you a long, long time. I was almost torn between you and Glow In The Dark (seen on the left).. but you win-lah.

Say Lomo! *click*

Now to get an Instant Back+. Accessories accessories :P
P.S, disclaimer: Lomo logo taken from Facebook

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