Sunday, June 28, 2009

listen don't watch

dearest sam, may, adeline and nadia,

thank you for highlighting to me the issue of climate change and its devastating impact on society. i am sorry for the (very) delayed reply. i guess sometimes i get so caught up in the menial tribulations of life so much so i forget about the BIGGER picture. i am ashamed of myself and apologize for my ignorance.

oxfam, uk: climate change is already happening. poor people are being hit first and worst despite doing least to cause it. we need to put pressure on our leaders to sign an ambitious deal that cuts emissions and helps poor countries adapt.

what this means to us is that when we continue to burn rubbish out in the open, use fuel excessively, support products that damages our ozone-layer, what we are really doing is forcing people to lose homes (global warming causing melting of icebergs causing an increase in water volume of the sea/river causing floods and depletion of land). when you do sit down and contemplate this, it's awfully tragic.

we all think there's nothing we can do. we all think one person can't change the world. but we can. you can. let us join the global movement to support december's united nations' climate change summit in copenhagen where leaders of the world come together to finalise the kyoto protocol: international treaty for the reduction of greenhouse gases.

3 submissions were made a team of young malaysians for a youtube ad competition hosted by oxfam gb + cannes young lions to make a viral ad urging viewers to sign up and support the UN climate change summit.

this is my favourite. apparently this is also the winner of the competition. fancy that.

do as the videopost says and make a change. it only takes a person to help his fellow men. look at mahatma gandhi.
congratulations adeline on 'listen don't watch'. this is a much deserved win.

you can also search and view the other two video ad submissions: 'consequential bubbles' and 'the finger'.

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