Monday, June 15, 2009

cute eats: a delectable party

OK OK it's been a month (and over.....? Maybe.....?). Don't scold. Life got busy with L-O-L-O-L-O-L-O-V-E in the agenda mah ;) Be not angry my babydolls. Y' know I loves y'all long time.
So anyways, last week I got an invitation from Su Yin of Delectable to attend the launch of Delectable: The Shop(!!). Yup, no longer confined to just the realms of cyberspace... we can all enjoy Su's delectable (pun intended) creations-to-go. Guy and I had already planned for a romantic getaway (more on that later *beams*) that weekend. I even went on leave that Friday. But I came up all the way from Port Dickson just to attend her charming lil' launch at The Gardens, MidValley. Yup, this is how much me likes and supports Talented-Happy-Whimsical-People like her!
So... VOILA! I present you...

I sooo look like a happy camper right?? Apart from laughter, happy holidays with happy launch parties prove to be good medicine too.

I forgot to take a picture with the speech bubble. Darn. You may recognize the door-NON-b*tch from Su Yin's blog. She really is a sweetie as described.
Yup say the password, get a goodie bag. Glee!

You thinking what I'm thinking? *winks*

This is Delectable's official cake. She cut it after making a speech... thanking bloggers too whilst at it. I met a friend there and he was, like, "Oh so I guess that's why you're here..". It's lovely to know Su Yin seriously did not forget about us little people. Weee!!

The brilliant little lady who is as gorgeous (and Shelbulous) as her cakes!!
L-R: Royal Cookie, Su Yin :)

I was sauntering through her photo displays, ogling at her latest creation: Nisa's pink Chanel... just as I turned around I really felt as if tie did a mini-pause 'cos...

There I was staring right back at myself. The mini me-with-a-waist!! So fun right??

Me Me Me :) Watching people admire 'me' is really delightful. Cheers to vanity!!

L-R: Sweets, Sweetness. Guy actually looks quite abit handsome in this shot hor? Gonna blow this picture up big :D

Say my name, say my name!


S213 Level 2
The Gardens, MidValley City
Kuala Lumpur

The night ended with a fulfilling dinner over at Fong Lye!! Super duper nice day..!

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