Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Having been ill since the weekend, my cough/cold/fever took a turn for the worst on Monday. Felt like utter sh*t but hey everyday's a working day for a houseman so to work I went. It became rather embarassing in the clinic 'cos I actually appeared more ill than the patients so I went to the Outpatient Clinic and got me a prescription and an MC.

No history of travelling-lah OK unless you call goin' from TI's TF Valu-Mart to Giant travelling. And just 'cos I'm getting porkier and gots the ah-choos sure ain't no reason to get all swine flu with me.

Being sick's no fun but resting at home is!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

listen don't watch

dearest sam, may, adeline and nadia,

thank you for highlighting to me the issue of climate change and its devastating impact on society. i am sorry for the (very) delayed reply. i guess sometimes i get so caught up in the menial tribulations of life so much so i forget about the BIGGER picture. i am ashamed of myself and apologize for my ignorance.

oxfam, uk: climate change is already happening. poor people are being hit first and worst despite doing least to cause it. we need to put pressure on our leaders to sign an ambitious deal that cuts emissions and helps poor countries adapt.

what this means to us is that when we continue to burn rubbish out in the open, use fuel excessively, support products that damages our ozone-layer, what we are really doing is forcing people to lose homes (global warming causing melting of icebergs causing an increase in water volume of the sea/river causing floods and depletion of land). when you do sit down and contemplate this, it's awfully tragic.

we all think there's nothing we can do. we all think one person can't change the world. but we can. you can. let us join the global movement to support december's united nations' climate change summit in copenhagen where leaders of the world come together to finalise the kyoto protocol: international treaty for the reduction of greenhouse gases.

3 submissions were made a team of young malaysians for a youtube ad competition hosted by oxfam gb + cannes young lions to make a viral ad urging viewers to sign up and support the UN climate change summit.

this is my favourite. apparently this is also the winner of the competition. fancy that.

do as the videopost says and make a change. it only takes a person to help his fellow men. look at mahatma gandhi.
congratulations adeline on 'listen don't watch'. this is a much deserved win.

you can also search and view the other two video ad submissions: 'consequential bubbles' and 'the finger'.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

lomo's 25th beeday

Lomo and me... we go back a longgg way.

I bought my first Lomo from The +clickproject (better known as Wondermilk now). Read about the amazing camera in a magazine (was it Seventeen magazine?) and later found (after a long painful search) at a local source. Back then they were based in a tiny loft-like space upstairs just afew doors away from Dharoos mamak, Damansara Uptown. Year 2002. I was in 2nd year med school. It was a silver Supersampler that took pictures like this:

Man. My fire-engine red Birkins! Those were some long time long time ago...

I've been getting emails from Lomography Asia regarding LCA's 25th anniversary partayyy but with my uncompromising houseman sched hell I'd get a chance to drop like it's hot in Hong bloody Kong. So when I got an invitation to come join in the Lomorrific fun over at Wondermilk Cafe, how could I say no?? :)

Partner-in-crime: Guy-lor. The poor fella's subjected to a life-long sentence of having to attend to my whims and fancy *giggle*

Guy's really fascinated by their interiors. It's very old-skool and very his era wor... See the fairy-lights behind? They're actually cupcake liners. Brillianto.

Lomo cuppacakes. Yum.

Kids (whoah did I just say kids?) decorating their paper Lomos in a deco contest.

You cannot imagine the papparazzi frenzy that ensued the moment the candle-lit cuppacakes were brought out. You'd almost think Zac Efron turned up in PJ.

Oooh Mr Pink Diana F+ I've been waiting to get you a long, long time. I was almost torn between you and Glow In The Dark (seen on the left).. but you win-lah.

Say Lomo! *click*

Now to get an Instant Back+. Accessories accessories :P
P.S, disclaimer: Lomo logo taken from Facebook

Thursday, June 18, 2009

port dickson

City hustlers have long been known to drive down to Port Dickson (PD) for the weekend to take a break from the rat-race. It's somesort like Kl's very own South Hamptons minus the en vogue Richie Rich-s. I personally have not been to PD in over 10 years (maybe??) 'cos I was hardly around much plus people always told me PD's beaches are nasty. It's not really THAT nasty-lah... Guy's in PD for his combat analysis whachamacalit training so I decided it was my turn to go over to celebrate our 1st quarter anniversary. It's been awhile since our last weekend getaway...

So, again, the whole accomodations dilemma... and again, it's me to the rescue. I'm so proud of my choice. Avillion was wayyy over our budget. The other hotels were old and rundown. Not to mention the numerous negative reviews I read of almost all the hotels / resorts / chalets in PD. And I really was not in the mood to camp or live very very humbly in cheap motels. And then I stumbled upon...

The Legend Water Beach Chalets!! They are relatively new with the in-the-waters concept that I adore and a pretty tolerable price (we got goverment servant discounts so that really helped!!).

Super cutes landscaping with the baby mangroves bit right? Walking into the chalet area really made me feel like I was in a Mediterranean villa. Must be all that red and terracotta-lah. Ole!

I LOVES the glass panel! Makes me feel so at one with the water you know.

We're walking on water... *giggle* Man I need a pedicure. My nails are gross!

There's a tub and a shower which skylight opens up with the tug of a string so you can shower under the sky. Not advisable if you're Madonna, Michael Jackson or Bradgelina.

It's mentally relaxing by the interior view itself.

I bring my batik sarungs everywhere with me. They're my travelling essentials. Really they're perfect for everything: functioning as curtains, pareos, dresses, floor liners, table cloths and I once used it (while sobbing) to wipe my snot and dry my eyes: giant hankerchiefs!

My chalet is just opposite that observatory deck in front. I practically wake up to the sea every morning. OK-lah 2 mornings only-lor.. happy??

Batu 2, Jalan Seremban
71000 Port Dickson
Negeri Sembilan
Tel: +606-6532000

I think it's starting to be some kind of holiday practice we're enculcating: making prayers at the local temple: Wan Loong meaning 'Dragon of The Clouds'. Seriously. This temple is near the army camp. Guy's been wanting to go for a long while.

We're pretty abysmal when it comes to figuring out how to do our prayers in a temple. The temple-keeper practically coached us every step of the way hee-hee! *malu*

We lit up a candle too like how we did in Kek Lok Si. And prayed for love, happiness and success. Wee..!

There was a really peculiar tortoise attached to a string wandering about chewing on leaves. I was quite taken by it. Reminds me of Thalamus or what he could have been if he lived a lil' longer..

It's 50 years old!! Can you bloody imagine that?? My father was born just a few years before it. We're supposed to rub the shell for kachingko luck$$... Yeaaa Show Me The Moneyyy!!!

Wan Loong Temple
7th Mile
Port Dickson

Guy asked me if there was anything I had wanted to do on the island so I told him I wanted to go to the Ostrich Farm-lor. I know it's the most un-beachy activity but I really wanna go check out some ostriches!

In Chinese it really says Ground-Bird which sounds super hilarious when Guy reads it out aloud. It's a direct translation of that ostriches being birds that bury their heads into the ground though really they don't... they just lie their heads on the ground so their bodies look like lumps of earth from a distance. Thus tricking their predators. Wahlau.

We're allowed to feed the young ones, approx 7-12 months old. They're not as ganas as the adults. Though there was one moron who kept attempting to bite Guy's fingers on purpose. I hope it gets turned into an ostrich burger :P

The first time I encountered them I was bloody freaked out!! The way they stared at you with that mini head on that mobile elongated neck is just plain scary. Now I totally get why Jesse and Chester ('Dude, Where's My Car') seriously believed ostriches come from outer space.

It didn't break. Well I guess it's 'cos I'm not 120kg. Phew..!


So I rode-lor an ostrich for RM4. They are very strong creatures. Well, heck, if anything on scrawny 2 legs can let me ride it and still go at 70km/hr isn't strong then I don't know what is. I didn't ride it like a stallion of course. I was sh*t scared! The caretakers don't let you ride it ala Tarzan anyways... they both kepit the bird from both sides and make it go at a very slowwww shuffling pace. Even that to me is freaky. I was just glad it all ended.

Ostrich Farm
9th Mile
Port Dickson

We hung out at Teluk Kemang.. where the party at.

Such a pretty pink temple hor? Guy says it's a Sikh temple.

You really ought to try out this funky Western-themed place. Their ayam panggang is pretty good but what's great is the cowboy/cowgirl waiter/waitresses. FUN!

Watie Beach Cafe
Teluk Kemang
Port Dickson

Come night we hit the local town funfair. I've always wanted to go to a funfair with my boyfriend and let him win me stuff. It's such a poncy-poncy feeling. I just love them ferris-wheels and carousels.

This is a duck game where you fish out rubber-ducky and the number below wins you a prize. It was a token lost. The gifts are crap!

I told Guy I wanted the toaster oven. We managed to hit the target several times but their torturous catch was that the circular ring was supposed to fall into the bottle neck. Darn cheat game.

The dart game is the best! Guy totally rocked this game :)

We won big time 'ere!!

Yeayy!! LOVE this!!

He was so damn freaked out. Practically digging his nails into the steel handles. Ekekeke.. funny!

Moi lovin' it!

"Pleasure at the fairground on the way...
And I love the thought of coming home to you
Even if I know we can't make it
I love the thought of giving hope to you
Just a little ray of light shining through..."

... Fairground, Simply Red ...

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