Friday, May 01, 2009

we live a cute life sound fematic pants tight tug + plastic honey but we got no money

“We got a red light on the 12th, the dance fight
Systematic, honey, but we got no money…”

So about that cake of mine…

I’ve read about Su’s Delectable cakes way wayyy before. I do quite often go over to her internet abode just to see which lucky girl / boy scored pretty cakes from their boyfriends / mother etc. My friend’s wedding cake was made by her and she did a fantastical (I’m super into the word ‘Fantastical’ coined by Lady GaGa) job mind you. Really admire her brilliant ability to translate images into edible moulds of flour. The young lady really has got skills y’all… I put her in my ‘Talented Happy Whimsical People’ list together with people at Wondermilk, Mimpi and BlokOn!

“Our hair is perfect, while were all getting sh*t wrecked
It’s automatic, honey, but we got no money…”

I’m sure we’ve all wondered to ourselves when would we ever get the chance to own such cakes? It’s as if we’re not deserving of something this amazing and fun. But we are. WE ARE. At least I believe I am. It appears improvident to be splurging on such lavish non-necessities at times like these and for that I don’t deny: again… guilty as charged. After setting aside my investment fund / savings and daily makan-makan pocket money, I decided I’ll just not spend on anything else ridiculous but my cake!! I want to have this cake NOW. I don’t want to have this cake when I’m well-to-do at 64 years old ‘cos I wouldn’t be as excited as I do about it NOW. It’s like going to Disneyland for the very first time at the age of 20. It’s just not the same exhilaration being there at the age of 10. Me and Ah Preet were discussing about our lives just the other day and how we’re gonna do things that amuses us NOW. I could not believe my ears when he started on the Disneyland-for-instance ‘cos all the while I seriously had the EXACT SAME opinion in my head… just that I never voiced it out to people except the parentals. Seriously. It’s like “Whoah, ESP(N) alert!!” Keke couldn’t resist the House Bunny joke. So yeah I don’t want to wait ‘till “next time-lah” and look back 10 years down the road in regret. I can afford it. It’s a month’s worth of on-call wage. Of course it did hurt a wee bit when I paid a visit to the ATM machine. That is inevitable. I did mutter somewhat ‘bout the price to the boyfriend. Guy offered to subsidize but I denied the offer. I was well-equipped to support my capricious life even before he existed… though it was a very sweet gesture and it’s why I love him. It’s hard-earned money no doubt but it’s worth it. I’m worth it.

“Daddy I’m so sorry, I’m so s-s-sorry yea
We just like to party, like to p-p-party yea…”

So I wrote an email to Delectable and told them I want to have my cake and eat it too. Well actually I said I want to have my Hermes baby Birkin bag and eat it too. That and I wanted to be modeled after Rebecca Bloomwood of Confessions of a Shopaholic ‘cos… well… I am… a… *cough* shopa *cough* holic *cough* *cough*


So Su Yin made me a cake and had me perched on the side.

She made me bags with my name on it ('cos I'm so Shelbulous I'm a brand of my own!) *giggle*

And bags of ‘Beautiful Things.

She made dainty lil’ birthday greets.

And she made me a waist!!

Most importantly she made me the yummiest (and I mean literally) fuschia ostrich skin baby Birkin to lean on…! Who says we can’t count on a bag for support?? :)

I had the happiest moments admiring it, caressing my sugar icing skin, holding my mini bag of ‘Beautiful Things’, and most of all including it all in my birthday celebration. What seriously caught me by surprise was the delicious revelation that lied within the cake: chocolate with caramel filling while the yellow base was butter with pineapple citrus fill. I think. I should reconfirm with her.

T’was truly a joyous experience. And the best part was... I didn’t have to wait ‘till I turn 40 for this.

“Bang Bang we’re beautiful and dirty rich
Bang Bang we’re beautiful and dirty rich…”
… Beautiful Dirty Rich, Lady GaGa …

Read Su's entry on my cake here...
The Gardens, MidValley
Tel: +60125081855


Baby said...

how did u cut the cake?

Cindy Khor said...

that was such a lovely awesome cake... i think i'm gonna my own personalized cake for my birthday next year but the cakes here are seriously expensive... and i love su's creation ever since i start following her blog...she's truely brilliant

Murni said...

hey ya shelby! happy (very) belated bday sweetie!!!! the cake looks fabulous & i'm crushin' on that pink birkin! hehehe ;)

ooooh, thanks for listing Mimpi as your fave "Talented Happy Whimsical People"! you rock!

shelbybaby said...

baby: with a pink samurai sword! :D just kidding babydoll, with a regular knife... it was pretty easy.

cindy: isn't she?? i really thought 'twas lovely awesome too. totally supporting you to get one made for yourself.

murni: merci beaucoup!! you rock more!!

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