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spa de langkawi / nuit de langkawi

(super backdated entry...)

A trip to Langkawi is not complete without a day at the SPAAAAA... yes dayang-dayang sekalian, time for us to go nip into the steaming kolam and mandi seri y'all!

You will find numerous spa centres sprouting up along Pantai Cenang. I've got this serious paranoia 'bout being involuntary filmed in public, such as: in dressing rooms, public toilets, spa... so I was cautious 'bout choosing non-dodgy places. Miss BellaBella recommended we go to Alun-Alun Spa 'cos that was where she went the last time and returned home rejuvenated like a happy fetus. The girls may not find it familiar but Alun-Alun sounds super Indon-lor of which I think means long road or somesort like that.

Upon entrance we were greeted with the serene smell of frangipani and Balinese/Yogyakartan interiors. I feel super "hmm... :)" already.

It's highly obvious I look the most unkempt and on-the-verge-of-pulling-all-my-hair-out in comparison to others. You cannot imagine how much I need some tender loving care..

A purple frangipani. So delightful.

Miss YinYin and I shared a room but we quickly forgot about each other's presence the moment our bodies hit the massage table. Well at least I did.

The extravagant marble tub's make reminds me of Uma Sapna. Oooh how I miss Bali.

The girls were crazy over the "rain" shower.

Happy feet.

Alun Alun Spa
Pantai Cenang
(Opposite Casa Del Mar)
Pulau Langkawi
Tel: 04-953 3838
Mon-Sun 1100 - 2300

Came dusk we kittens went aprowlin'

Miss BellaBella loves this place:

It says 'Little Lylia's Chillout Cafe'. The drinks there are nuts cheap. OK not super nuts cheap like teh-o-ais but you get a strong cocktail for half the price you pay in a regular bar back in KL.

We weren't even there an hour and the girls were showing signs of tipsy.

It's a beach bar situated just a little off the shore of Pantai Cenang. Quite obscure so you gotta be really attentive to find the headboard sign beside a mamak place. Take your shoes off and enjoy the sand between your toes and you sip (very quickly) on my favourite: Wild Night Out. There is a rasta groove in the air and at 21:00, someone would be singing open-mic. Really laid-back which is why we're all in Langkawi in the first place: to let loose..!

Now this is what you call a Wild Night Out! LOL OK maybe not..

She kissed a girl and the other girl didn't like it.

She kissed another girl just to try it. I do hope her boyfriend don't mind it.

Little Lylia's
Pantai Cenang
Pulau Langkawi

The girls didn't wanna go home. So we made a U-turn towards Chime Club at Sheraton Hotel. They had a really good live band from The Phillipines. Those people really knew how and what to sing + shake their tail-feathers. Too bad it was a quiet crowd (off peak mah..). The girls went crazy anyways.

We also pop it like it's hot... Me not so much the other two. Man medical life has made me old.

Sheraton Langkawi Beach Resort
Pantai Kok
Pulau Langkawi

If you desire just a night to yourself you could always tah-pau miniatures to make snazzy cocktails. This is the opportunity to try everything out there...! There are tons of duty-free shops mushrooming all over Kuah. It's possible to actually go mad there ;)

See that El Senorio tequila? It has a worm in it! Tradition says the person who finishes the bottle eats the worm. I bought that for sure!

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