Saturday, July 18, 2009

miss bellabella's back to the phuture b'day

(darn late entry)
F*ck. I wrote a whole loada sentimental sh*t on Miss BellaBella's Souled Out bash then the internet f*cked up and blew everything.

Malas to retype everything... maybe I'll do that one day when I'm in the mood.

In the meantime...

The girls out for Miss BellaBella's b'day meal.

So these are her b'day goodies (L-R): moi is Yoshitomo Nara postcard, LightBlok, Delectable cupcakes, Forever21 luggage tag and kisses, Miss ChongChong is bangles, Miss TanTan is Diva necklace and matching earrings.

Birthday Bunny!

Another Birthday Bunny holding a Birthday Bunny.

Just as we ALMOST finished polishing the cupcake suddenly Souled Out waiters + waitresses jumped out from behind us, restuck the candle back into a half-eaten cupcake and resang the b'day song. It was so hilarious... I guess I'm not surprised why Souled Out's a leading dining place for birthday and other celebrations.

After revisiting memory lane, we headed into the light towards the Phuture, Zouk.

Someone's a pimp daddy y'all! *giggle* I do believ it's his first time. Looks quite abit nervous, can you tell?

A darling belated happy birthday Miss BellaBella!!
And to many more...!

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