Saturday, May 02, 2009

harrods comes to town

Yes, my Harrods bag is cute.

No, it's not a Grade-AAA.

Yes, I got it from Harrods (where else-lah? It's like asking "Eh where you get KFC Fried Chicken ah?").

No, I didn't go to London (not on my houseman schedule is that even possibly imagined).

Yes, I got it from KL.

No, I'm not joking.

Got Harrods in KL apa... baru buka kat KLCC tu...!

Don't believe kah? Neh...!

If seeing is believing...

Dddy's new chum is the CEO of Harrods KL. how cool is that?? He SO has the best job in the country! We got a personally guided tour of every inch of the boutique. Here they are standing beside tiles especially imported from um... some European country(??) tile-by-tile.

And the plaster ceiling is Japanese. Same people who made the exact same plaster ceiling for the Knightsbridge outlet. Wooo... we got a lil' bit of London in KL!

That's the kopi bar. I foresee lotsa expats having abit of a quick Joe en route to work.

They even make the kopi bartenders wear fancy Venetian-like outfits which are brilliant! That coffee making machine is supposedly very very expensiv-o...!

There are truckloadsa tea to choose from. You know-lah, the English and their tea!

There are also tractorloadsa other goodies to pick up for a very expensive but hey-it's-harrods basket / hamper. Their ketchup is RM50 but really yummy. I know 'cos I tested the sauce out and it's just divine tomato heaven. If you're a ketchup connoiseur you gotta get a bottle of this.

Aren't their Redcurrant Jelly jars just so pink and divine?? I want me one of those..

If you think that weren't enough there are even more tea you can buy by weight. My favourite: Rose Tea with Petals

You may not have noticed this but there is a cute lil' chic Tea Salon just after the fine foods store. Unless you've got ace connections it's best to make early reservations as there are only 6 tables in that place. You might actually be too intimidated to step in but fret not my dear budget fashionistas... the price is steep but manageable. It's Rm15 for a glass of juice in a really tall glass. Fair game. Do try their baked prawns and fish-n-chips. Yum stuff!!

Harrods KLCC
Level 1, Park Mall
Suria KLCC


guaichaikid said...

ur dad is d new chairman of harrods ah!! omg....finally harrods arrive msia!!! the interior is so like to 1 in UK....I wan make a full review of harrods!!!

shelbybaby said...

guaichaikid: yoyo read again.. i said my dad's new acquaintance aka friend is d ceo-lah. if my dad's the ceo of harrods i'd quit my job already! let me know when you do a review on them too k.. cheerios!

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