Tuesday, May 05, 2009

dependent love puppy

Today marks the last day of my penalty. I have successfully completed a month of weekend rounds. I was punished for failing my Orthopedics test. It’s a pretty brutal price to pay: not having a weekend for a month in a department that’s supposedly quite comfortable. Imagine waking up at 06:30 for work everyday, literally. I have to say I’m thiiis close to Crazy Town. If it wasn’t for Guy coming over every weekend I seriously cannot imagine getting out of this with my sanity intact. Anyways it is the last day of the month and I ought to be celebrating the fact I’m done with ‘prison’ but something snapped when Guy’s car pulled out of my driveway heading towards PD (Port Dickson). I started sobbing sputtering like a hose on a broken tap. It’s either I’ve been in this town wayyy too long (and gone nuts-o) or I’ve turned into a dependent love sick puppy. OMG I told myself NEVER to be one of those girls! The dreaded sort: the ‘sticky’ sort. I always prided myself to be this independent singletini who is self-sufficient enough to watch a movie / eat / shop… basically LIVE by herself. I can’t now. I need him. Always. Yup, like that old Bon Jovi song.

Miss ChewChew: how are things going with relatinship
moi: going good. i've come to a point in d relatnsp phase wher i'm quite clingy
moi: not clingy per se but... sumtin like d whole cant-live-without-u business
Miss ChewChew: yeah it happens... it's all due to habit
Miss ChewChew: habit forms quite quickly and you get used to the person
Miss ChewChew: and suddenly breaking the habit / pattern (if he can't see you, or you can't see him), results in a 'missing' feeling

Tell me babydolls is this how it is? Do we all turn into spineless mush once we’ve found that somebody? It could be that this is just the initial stage of adjustment but I’ve found myself neglecting everything right down to my toenails ever since I’ve gotten into a relationship. All I do everyday is think of him and wait for his call. I don’t do anything else. I’ve also gotten wayyy too happy that I’ve been eating like a squirrel and now resemble The Longevity God (yea the one with the peach and walking stick) with a vagina! Crap!

Did you go through this phase in the relationship (the eat-think-drink boyfriend / girlfriend)?? If you did, how did things mellow out? Tell me please!


Cindy Khor said...

yup, i admit that i'm that clingy sort of person. depending on him to get through my daily life and practically needed him every second. i take pride in that though as i think its a lucky feeling to have someone to love and cling onto. so i'll take every chances of it and don't really feel ashame about it. the only days that i'm independent is when i'm with my friends or with my family or when he's not around me.

Shu Fen said...

Haha, I'm still trying to get out of this phase actually, but I'm almost there I think. :/

During the most clingy period in our relationship, I felt bad about being so needy. It wasn't a nice feeling. He told me he needed more space to do the stuff he likes. And I did. Now he treats me like a queen every time he sees me which is a great improvement, wahahaha! :)

Ask him what he thinks, and if he's fine with it then it's fine! ^^

Vicissitudes of Life

LIZZIE said...

Well, I'm not agreeing to the SPINELESS part ya.. hahaha.. But I guess when you're really serious in that relationship, you'll definitely reach this phase. The can't-live-without-seeing-your-shadow phase. I guess the only way to stop it is if you're willing to "detach" yourself a little from him. But then, that'll make you seem like a cynical twit. Why would anyone want to let go this hard-to-get clingy yet wonderful feeling?

Just don't show you miss him too much. We wouldn't want the guy to jual mahal now would we? Hehehe..

Anyways, I've been with my "Bumsey" for nearly two years and it still hasn't wear off. Good luck to you! (*evil laugh*)


shelbybaby said...

cindy: i'm going to take pride in this too. thank you for your brilliant partake in this. it really helps.

shu fen: he's fine with it. it's just me who'd freaking out with all the changes! :D but glad to know you'e treated like a queen too... that makes the 2 of us *giggle*

lizzie: trying to not show it too much and end up telling him i miss him like 10 times a day. i'm unsaveable! we should all join d 'spineless clingy octopus club' :) just kidding. thanks for the reality kick.. i should appreciate this. you're right.

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