Monday, April 13, 2009

who says i can't have my birkin and eat it too?

Cherry cherry boom boom

(ME LIKES this song 'Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)' by Lady Gaga!!)

So.. I had a little party on my pre-b’day weekend. Small lil’ cosy one with the girls and the boyfriend to celebrate my coming-of-age (hah!! Now that’s what you call an understatement!). Called afew ex-coursemates / colleagues over but none made it to the party (despite the RSVP: yes… abit rude right?? But it’s my birthday gig making me generally happy so I’m gonna let this pass). Can’t really blame ‘em ‘cos they’re doctors and that’s what you expect from doctor friends. Horrified? Yeah well that’s how it goes. Marry one and you’ll know.

The party (initially planned for 10 pax) turned out to be a party of 6. I reserved a place at Garden Café + Lifestyle Store at 1Utama: this very very enchanting lil’ indoor restaurant with luscious *ahem* imitation *ahem* cutey trees and blossoming flowers. It’s like sitting in an indoors version of the Mad-Hatter’s place in Wonderland… the bit owned by the Queen of Hearts y’know y’know?

So the theme this year was ‘English Tea House’ and I was kind of hoping everyone would turn up as they would to have scones with the Queen but as usual-lah only moi and Miss BellaBella stuck to it. I was supposed to dress Guy up as well… you know in something a lil’ more smooth… but there just wasn’t enough time and I had to make do with the best he brought. This year I had nil time to make preps as I did during my past parties: note graduation party, blog party. Still the colour was pastel pink and yellow so I did my best to pastel-pinkefy / pastel-yellowfy the whitewash garden (pun not intended) tables and chairs with my balloons, party favours and of course...

JENG JENG JENG: my sugar!!

(the cake, babydolls, not the dude… though he’s a sweetie but what I really meant was.. f*ck I’m rambling)

Love that their iced lemon tea came in this mini jug with the flower stirrer. Reminds me off those hot summer Savannah days when Americanos sit out on their porches soaking in the sun and gulping down the cold drink.

My first birthday with a boyfriend. Weird. Very very weird. Weird because last birthday I wished to celebrate my next birthday with my boyfriend. I’m wearing the dress he got me. I was getting afew last minute threads at Forever21 for my birthday week and just as I pulled my purse out to pay, he swooped in and got the bill. Like I’ve mentioned before, he may not be able to offer me the flossy-flossy but it really makes me smile when he tries his best to be my man. I told him to take his glasses off during picture snaps but he forgets a lot (bless him, the fella’s not used to the whole camera-whoring business). This is one when he didn’t and we look nice.

My girls. Love them dearly.

So about my cake. It’s such a showstopper..

I’m gonna have an entire entry solely dedicated to this sugar and spice all that's nice!!
Watch out for it OK :)

I had sparkling candles. Nope not JUST candles… and not JUST sparklers… but sparkling candles!! We were all very confused at first ‘cos we lit up ‘em candles but no sparks. I thought I got scammed by packaging / marketing…when it really did start to sparkle… ooooooooh super duper cruper exciting!!
See the sparks?? See the sparks?? You had better say yes… Ah Tric had hell of a time trying to capture it on the camera.

Then we all kinda stared at them sparkle not sparkle before everyone realize a birthday song was in store. So they started singing and I got all poncy-poncy.

I was simply delighted. I was 25-for-the-4th-time… OK FINE 28(!!)…happy already?? It was just extremely blissful to be seated with all my loved ones and turning 28. I couldn’t ask for more. I feel blessed.

Blessed that I could have my (fuschia ostrich hide) Birkin and eat it!!
Whoever says I couldn’t?? I really proved them wrong hor…

Everyone was striken with horror when I reached for the knife and dug it deep into the flaps. This cake was made for eating and that’s what it’ll do.

I know I instructed for my Birkin to be edible but to pry it open and finding it to be made of chocolate cake really caught me by surprise!
I asked if anyone wanted the handles but noone did so I took them myself. Everyone was too afraid to have a piece of me (the girl sitting at the dock of the cake) so I did. Everytime someone swallowed something they’d go. “I just ate RM20 or was it RM50!” 'Twas quite funny really.

I had a fancy time operating on my cake.

L-R: Ah Tric (Miss ChewChew’s boyfriend), Miss TanTan, Miss BellaBella, Guy, Birthday Princess / Royalty, Miss ChewChew. They really made my day!

Last but not least.. Party favours: Cup filled with teabags with their respective tea names!

Cherry cherry boom boom…


Cindy Khor said...

omg...that's the cake that delectable made...and its for you...i never knew that....its so so so pretty...i wish i had a hermes bag too...

shelbybaby said...

cindy: *sigh* don't we all mortal females wish we had a hermes birkin... i wish mine was made of leather and not sugar! ;)

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