Wednesday, April 01, 2009

the royal birthday budget-wishlist

This is no April's Fool.

Now don't say you don't know what to get a princess...

La Senza Playful Gift Set, RM87.33

Paul Frank heart La Senza sleepwear, approx RM116.93

Laurie Woven Top by Forever21 (size L), approx RM62.30

H81 Printed Banded Knit Top by Forever21 (size M), approx RM59.15

H81 Rainbow Plaid Dress by Forever21 (size L), approx RM59.70

The House Bunny DVD, approx RM108.50

Yoohoo!! Dying to send me something...?? *shameless* Ooooh bet you are bet you are..!!

Scratch that incessant itch... succumb to the need to loves me ;)

Dr Shelby Kho
Wad 1B (Female Orthopedic)
Hospital Teluk Intan
36000 Teluk Intan

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