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Will be adding captions soon. Edited pics from 6pm till 1.30am and now my right upper limb is a claw hand. Be patient alright folks?


Day 01

So the Pangkor weekend getaway huh? It all started with Guy suggesting he take me to Pangkor on my b'day weekend to get some exclusive time together / birthday treat. I told him that will not do because I intend to spend my b'day with my family and friends back in KL (where I belong...) and he cannot be so kedekut (selfish) as to keep me solely to himself. The poor boy had no choice but to push the trip up to the weekend before. Yes, he's quite the sweet one.

I was rather concerned over the fact the last ferry to Pangkor would supposedly leave at 19:30. This is a worrying fact as the houseman timetable is so inconsistent and Guy really drives like a maimed tortoise. If I were to leave the hospital anything above 18:00, I think we'd end up sleeping at the Lumut jetty. We planned everything to the second and I prayed for a quiet evening so we could leave on time. Turns out we made it! It takes a (slow) driver approximately an hour to arrive Lumut from Teluk Intan town (use the route towards Sabak Bernam and follow the road signs) and 15 minutes 'till half an hour to find a space in the 3-tiered parking lot.

It's been awhile since I came to Pangkor. The last was probably when I was 10 years old or something. There are loadsa ferry companies you can choose from. I believe they're all the same so we just kinda took the one with the shortest queue! Duta Pangkor seems pretty fun with the whole Yellow Submarine bit going on. I must be outta touch 'cos all ferries are air-conditioned now. No more sitting out in the open, turning your head to the side and puking into the sea. Last ferry leaves at 20:00.

Important is to check the ratio of lifejackets versus passengers. I learnt a thing or 2 from movies. It wasn't all just about the "I jump. You jump." y'know..! Blinding them fluoro orange row of jackets may be but security I most definitely see. Don't forget to get off only at Jetty 02 which is the commercial stop for us tourists. Jetty 01 are for locals and unless you've got built-in rollerskates in your shoes you will be quite stuck there.
Day 02

Teluk Nipah

We thought we'd go hang out at the beach post-breakfast like in Langkawi... but then angry clouds appeared so we retreated back to the chalet and watched the rain from our porch. Guy doesn't mind the weather 'cos we could get busy (with other activities) anyways *giggle*

Soon enough out came the sunshine and dried up all the rain and itsy-bitsy us came out of the spout to play. Guy suggested we go rent a motorbike so we could cruise the island independently and have a look-see around town. I told him 'bout Ah Preet's tip-of-the-day: get a bike, choose a spot, start your journey, just follow the same road and keep going straight, after an hour you'd be back where you started. There is no way of getting lost(!!). It's hilarious the way he tells it. Oh if you pick up a bike from Raju (??) across the road from Jetty 02 exit, he'd give you a mini (photocopied) map of Pangkor which is rather useful.

I did sorta know about a stone thing I wanted to go see. Y'know some Batu Bersurat stuff... and it's real fun to actually go see something familiar you used to read in history books. The last I did was visiting Borobudur in Yogyakarta. We saw a sign in town pointing towards the Dutch Fort so we decided to start from there.

At first I thought, "Whoah this is SOOO the start of an exciting adventure!! Y'know looking for the fort and finding ourselves amidst the journey.." 5 minutes pret-pret-pretting on the kapchai bike and bham (!!).

Don't think it's possible to learn about yourself in 300 seconds *shrug*. The fort is smaller than it sounds. I mean when people say fort you think Disney Sleeping Beauty castle or Great Wall of China. It's more the size of a Drive-thru McDonald's. I don't really know how it could help shelter villagers with a space of say.. 60 pax?? Oh and not to forget a singular cannon. Kampungs must be really small in those times.

The fort's princess.
Wikipedia says The ruins of the Dutch Fort on Pangkor Island are the remnants of an outpost of Dutch attempts to control trade in the Malay peninsula. In the Malay language, the fort is called Kota Belanda.
The fort was built by the Dutch in 1670 for storage and protection of tin supplies from the sultanate of Perak. The fort was destroyed in 1690 by the Malays who were discontent with the methods used by the Dutch in obtaining minerals. It was rebuilt by the Dutch in 1743 and a force of 60 soldiers was placed to guard the fort until 1748, when the force was disbanded and the fort abandoned.

The fort was reconstructed by Malaysia's museum department in 1973 and was gazetted as an ancient monument and historical site under the Antiquities Act 1976 No. 242 Perak Gazette dated March 21, 1978. According to this act, any person found guilty of vandalising an ancient monument and historical site is liable to imprisonment not exceeding three months or a fine not exceeding five hundred ringgit or to both.

Yup it's him again. Get used to it.

Sir Gustav suddenly gets into the mood and called for the ants' artillery team to get prepared.

Sir Gustav looks like the grass' acne.

So kejagungan (corny) hor?

The souvenir shop just beside the fort sells cute woven plastic bags. I really like the red + white chest lor.

You are not permitted to laugh. Safety first. Dorky / lame-ass image concerns come later.

After the fort we set out to find the Batu Bersurat. I'm thinking, "Now THIS is when the adventure begins. For real." 1.5 minutes pret-pret-pret and bham (!!). Very short-lived anticipations.

Wikitravel says Batu Bersurat (inscribed stone) also known as Tiger Rock due to the etching found on this huge granite boulder. The rock measures about 10.7m long and 4.6m wide and stands at 4.3m tall, and today, there is a pavillion built to shelter it. Batu bersurat is located close to the Dutch Fort, in Pangkor Island. The etchings shows the picture of a tiger carrying away a child.

There are also two round-shaped leaves, and the letters "If Carlo 1743" and "VOC". The "VOC" probably refers to the Dutch East India Company. There are several theories about the inscription. One sinister version of the tale claimed that the Malays and Bugis kidnapped and murdered a Dutch dignitary's son in 1743, in revenge of the ill treatment of the the Dutch to the locals. When the Dutch looked for the boy, the locals made up a story that they saw the boy was snatched by a tiger. In comemorate to such incident, the Dutch soldiers etched such inscription.

Teluk Gudang, view beside the Tiger Rock.

Guy, being the Chinaman Ah Pek that he is, was very interested to go see the miniature Great Wall of China over at Fu Lin Kong temple.


Very serene place but damn it's hot in 'ere.

Us being absolute tourists... including Sir Gustav.

Yea it's kejagungan overload. Just so you know he did that not me. I laughed my ass off.

We wanted to pray together but didn't really know how to go about it (both of us aren't too good when it comes to the customs of religion *hush hush*) so we decided to give a donation instead. He took it off Guy from the heart.

He took it from me orally ;D

Stone cranes on the stone entrance arch.

(conversation, while on the motorbike)
moi: By, look there!!
Guy: What?
moi: Isn't that the most peculiar house, like, ever??
Guy: What are you talking about? It's a temple-lah..!
moi: ...
Guy: Why do you think they've got figurine deities all over?
moi: I thought they were very artistically expressive people mah.
Guy: ...

Since we didn't get our chance to frolick in the sea in the morning we immediately jumped at the chance for some beach play when it got all sunny. We were riding across Pasir Bogak when I noticed a secluded spot away from prying eyes and keh-poh aunties / makciks. There are many picturesque locations to enjoy the seaside in its sedated mood, you just have to travel about in search of it. I had brought my bikini with me so I changed into it with the help of Guy's T-shirt as a mobile changing room.
Then we ran into the sea and started splashing around!

Turns out Guy does NOT KNOW how to swim! WTF. So we had to stay close to the shore. See his OMG-I'm-so-f*cking-scared-I'm-peeing-in-the-sea-while-trying-to-maintain-a-macho face :P

As for me it's been 1 year since my swimming lessons (haven't completed... boo!) and I'm a blimin' water nymph y'all! That and totally lovin' the sea 'cos the saltwater helps me float better making me think I'm lighter than I think.

One picture I look s h*tty (aka FAT). One picture he looks sh*tty. I had to put them both up just to be fair.

Underwater hand holding. Kejagungan picture no.03 lor... Pangkor water is kinda dirty. We literally moved 500m to get away from floating debris. Yuck!

Don't intend to work here. Seriously.

Sunset walk. Romantic but scorching hot!! Guy was sweating like a melting popsicle. I was dabbing his forehead every 3 seconds and it's not like I'm assisting some high-risk cardiac transplant!

This is me looking happy and FAT. Seriously look so engorged and I can't even fit my kurungs no more. Imagine that: growing so obese that even a giant robe seems fitting. This calls for drastic intervention!
Day 03
Woke up really late and took a morning pret-pret around town. Boyfriend wanted to do some shopping so I tagged along. Whoah. Yup you read right. The roles indeed reversed in Pangkor.

It says 'The Pangkor Fishery Labourer's Association'.

There's alot of sea-products to be bought.. i.e, fish satay, sugary cuttle-fish, ikan bilis / anchovies in variant sizes, dried cuttle-fish, salted fish and keropok.

The journey back to TI felt faster.. guess 'cos I was busy watching Sir Gustav trying to get in on Major Gustav II's historical meal.

Ciaosers babydolls *Pangkor bisou* y'all :)

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i saw a crocs shoe. btw, nice trip you got there. =)

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