Sunday, April 05, 2009

ombak inn

Boyfriend took me on a surprise weekend getaway. My first romantic holiday lor...

We were having some problems finding a place to stay in Pangkor. I wanted Pangkor Island Beach Resort 'cos it was the only place anyone ever stayed in and the only place I ever read about but RM300pn is wayyy over Guy's budget. Yalor goverment servants ain't no Chuck Bass mah. I was waiting for him to just pick something... anything(!!) so reservations can be made and we'd not wander around the island aimlessly in the late evening (estimated time of arrival) in search of lodging. Somehow men aren't that great with travel arrangements or maybe it's just Guy... in the end 'twas me who had to scurry off to an internet cafe to Yahoo! 'Pangkor-accomodations'.

There were afew places that was of Guy's price range but I really could not decide-lor 'till I read this review on Trip Advisor. And then I went to their website and fell in love with the collage..! Told Guy to take it into consideration and within the next hour he calls me to tell me he's reserved a place. Gotta give the fella some credit for good reflexes-lah.

Isn't this the cutest welcome ever?

The place is just as cheerful and sweet as I thought it would be. That's the friendly pakcik that will show you to your room and trims the bougainvillea hedges.

The shruby path to our room. I absolutely adore this tree that grows lowly. Guy hates it 'cos he thinks it's a cerebral concussion just waiting to happen.

The rustic communal shower to wash the sand outta your Crocs.

Little happy plants can be found everywhere. Sweet!

There is an included buffet breakfast. My favourite bits are the pancakes and pineapples :P

Guy tucking in. (Yea behold: his first appearance on the site)

I accidentally left Gustav out at dinner only to find him waiting patiently at the same spot at breakfast. Lucky thing nobody kidnapped him. The people at Ombak Inn are super friendly and really fabulous cooks. You must have their BBQ dinner set and satay. TO DIE FOR!! The guests are mainly angmohs and they're all so laid back so everyone pretty much minds their own business which is brilliant.

Our last night at the chalet while Guy and I sat out at the porch sipping on sparkling wine (own stock)... just some serious chillin' and nuzzlin'.. some new occupants took over the room next door. They were German travellers who came to rest in the island. Due date? Indefinitely. Guy was so surprised... he's new to the whole taking-a-year-out / sabbatical business. But yeah I would think living in Ombak Inn would actually make it more difficult for them to leave the island.

J'adore Ombak Inn..

P.S: Do rent their bicycle-for-2 for an evening cycle. It's absolutely hilarious!! Guy and I didn't have the chance to try it out but we will the next time. Do tell me 'bout your experience if you did!

P.P.S: Tell Nani, owner of Ombak Inn, I said hi! She'll take good care of you :)
Lot 4440 Nipah Bay
32300 Pangkor
Tel: +605-6855223

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mknace said...


shelbybaby said...

mknace: yup yup! you really oughta go... tell nani i said hi.

shana said...

I'll go 2 Ombak Inn on this becoming April..anyway thanks for the upload pics. Can't wait to go there...huhuhu

shelbybaby said...

shana: hello shana :) aaah beach hol in april: lovely!! really glad my entry would be of help to your vacation... it's a cute place. have a good time!

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