Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sophiekins: We no likesy pricks.

March 17th, 21.54, Live from London.

While I'm sure many people visit this *bisou* blog to read whimsical nonsensical shiz that my sister posts up, which they find entertaining, as I am no exception.

However, I thought we should all be aware of this bit of current affairs.

This is like... Sleeping Beauty gone BAD. The needle-pricking bit that is.

This afternoon, at the Bernhard-Hocht Institute of Tropical Medicine situated in the Eppendorf area of Hamburg, Germany, a female unidentified researcher (who, to me, will possibly be revealed very soon as I have inside information straight from a staff member in Deutschland which I shall not share with you as I think this unfortunate scientist deserves her privacy while she's sitting there in isolation scared shitless for her life), had a bit of a booboo with a needle infected with the EBOLA VIRUS. Like REAL EBOLA VIRUS. Like the ones that come from monkeys, is responsible for many many deaths in mostly African nations i.e. Congo and on 90s movies that my Ddy used to make me watch with him as his source of entertainment.

Snippets of an earlier conversation.

Me: You'll probably hear this in the news very soon, but one of McDeutsch's colleagues might
possibly be infected with Ebola. Needle accident. *pauses for gasp of horror*

Cheerfriend: What's Ebola?

Me: . . . . . . . .

For those of you who don't know what the Ebola virus is - GO AND GOOGLE/WIKIPEDIA IT YOU MORONS!!

But the brave woman has been inoculated with a vaccine from the US, something new, THAT HASN'T BEEN TESTED (ON HUMANS) YET. (Well, it's being tested now...)

Our source straight in the heat of the "situation", McDeutsch, has high hopes for her recovery.

McDeutsch (via Skype): Either she's infected and is gonna die within the next 2 weeks, or she's
not infected. I guess she's not.

While Miss Brave-Scientist-Who's-Probably-Understandably-Scared-Shitless is reported to be suffering from a fever, it is unsure as of yet if the fever is from the virus itself or an effect of the untested-on-human-beings vaccine. She is under intense observation and poses no threat to the public. She's actually holed up in a lab in the institute's cellar y'all. Those having Fritzl flashbacks - Tut. Tut.

(For those of you who don't know who Fritzl is, please google/wikipedia that too and be a little bit more aware at what's happening in the world)

Our thoughts go out to the hopefully recovering/uninfected scientist.

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