Thursday, March 19, 2009

cute eats: mange de langkawi

First makan stop: The Loaf. You do know The Loaf right? Mahathir (ex-Prime Minister) went to Japan… fell in love with some bread in a café he visited. Persuaded the baker to do a joint-venture with him and opened his bakery in Pavilion. People went crazy over the confectioneries and Dddy got all hyped up as he usually does with new fads. Personally, I found the breads to be really stiff! Dddy said there was a big possibility we could kill a duck if we threw one at t he waddling bird. So that WAS my experience at The Loaf. I said ‘was’ because I have a new-found admiration for it now. I don’t know whether it’s because…

… it’s situated by the docks or…

… the fact that the buildings around it were in shades of sweet pastel or…

… just being in Langkawi made us more blasé and less critical hence more receptive of beauty / taste…

I gotta say-lah their Salmon bagel is a killer!! There is just something in the dressing-lah. You can just be contented looking at it: it’s a work of art.

*gobble gobble*

The crayfish bisque completed the Langkawi gastronomical experience! Look at the buddy perched by the side of the bowl with its black pearly eyes just begging you to invite it into your mouth. It was so so good.

See that great white lady on my left. It’s mine. Wahaha… mine in my past life-lah kut.

This is how I see myself in 10 years. A filthy rich b*tch that spends her weekends on her yacht and visiting posh bays. Say wooot!

The Loaf Langkawi
Lot no. C9 Perdana Quay
Telaga Harbour Park Pantai Kok
07000 Langkawi
Tel: +604-959-4866
Open Monday – Sunday except Thursday from 08:00 – 23:00

For Chinese cuisine drop by Yong Leong for PLC (peng leng cheng) noodles and seafood dishes. Their la-las are so fat and juicy. See our ‘satisfied customer’ faces.

Yong Leong Restaurant
Lot 36, Pusat Dagangan Kelana Mas
Persiaran Mutiara 07000 Langkawi
Tel: +604-966 4895

T-Jay’s claims to make the best pizzas in Malaysia or was it just Langkawi. Whatever it is their Italian food is so good!! Pizzas yum, pastas yum, desserts yum and even fish and chips (made with beer batter y’all) is yum. It’s just yum yum yum and yum all the way. I put on 3 kg from all the drinking and noshing. Crappers.

T-Jay’s Italian Restaurant(Opposite Langkawi Underwater World)
Pantai Cenang
Tel: +604-955 3995, +6012-451 2867

It was a very very long drive (emphasis on the ‘very’) but a very very (again, emphasis on the ‘very’) out-of-this-world experience at Barn Thai situated right in the middle of the mangroves. I do suggest going over around dusk, if not daylight, to truly experience the bizarre beauty of paya-bakau Malaysia. We were quite late but managed to rush in just in time for the last kitchen call at around 21:30.

Happy face. That was ‘till I got a severe pang of gastritis while tipsy on their oh-so-delish Barn Thai Punch!! Eh don’t be fooled by how lovely it tastes ‘cos post 2nd glass and I was there!! But boy did my epigastric burned like hell. OMG… you won’t believe it but I was in so much pain I actually crouched under the table writhing in pain while the girls continued chomping on.

Don’t want to spook y’all but the 1km walk in the dark with root-lighted mangrove trees is serious creepy. It’s best to bring brave friends with you.

Barn Thai Langkawi
Kampung Belanga Pecah
Mukim Kisap, Daerah Langkawi
07000 Pulau Langkawi
Tel: +604-9666699

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