Sunday, March 08, 2009

beach de langkawi

Did you know I’ve never been to Langkawi?

Yup. I am 27 turning on 28 yet never really explored much of Northern Malaysia. But hey within a month smack-boom-bang: Alor Star-Kulim-Langkawi-and thiiis close to Butterworth.

In conjunction with Miss YinYin’s vacation back home the girls decided to organize a girly-girls trip to Langkawi ‘cos we wanted a beach + booze holiday. Also Miss BellaBella adores this island and I was really curious to know why. Didn’t do anything touristy this time around but probably will the next. Hell yeah I’m coming again! It’s Shelbulous to have friends who can help out with organizing the trip ‘cos I’m buried and occupied with work, like, all the time! In the end, all I did know was my flight time and day. My job was just to show up and show up I did.

I didn’t really know what to expect of the island. When one says Langkawi I say Mahsuri. You know, the hong-pou lady who cursed the island for 7 generations ‘cos she was falsely accused of cheating on her husband and she died tied to a tree with flowing milky blood (supposedly signifies the colour of innocence). I think she was stoned to death or something. Freaky huh? Well it’s been many generations past the curse and now Langkawi’s just absolutely LOVELY.

We stayed at Sunset Beach Resort. I really like the place. It’s no Four Seasons of course but basic enough to fulfill the important amenities yet minus the sleaze factor. As y’all know I’m a 'first impression’ kinda girl… walking into a quaint Balinese mini library with wooden seatings kinda sealed the deal. Our room (more of a semi-detached hut) was not extravagant but it was very tropical and laid-back. As the feel of a holiday should be.

You’d almost think you’re in Waikiki. Not like I’ve been to Waikiki but I’m just saying Waikiki probably feels like this from what I’ve seen in ‘Travel and Adventure’. You don’t have to travel around the globe to chill. Now the word ‘chill’ is only an hour plane ride away. You even get a choice of low-cost carriers. Now isn’t that a dream?

Sir Gustav gets cosy with a new friend. I don’t really like her. She’s an airhead. Wahaha!

First thing we did, apart from chup-ing the sides of the beds we want, is grabbing our sarungs and hitting the beach. It’s so fun to trudge in sand rather than hospital linoleum paths for once.

Equally as important is bringing a good friend along. Mine today is Mr Pelican.

L-R: moi, Miss YinYin chillin’ in the sun. Wahaha that is such a lie… we were mostly busy finding spots to hide AWAY from the sun. Eh with the rate our ozone layer is going… no joke.

L-R: moi, Miss BellaBella who was trying to even out her tan. She worships Amon-ra, I don’t.

The magical thing ‘bout the hotel’s beach (this small patch of sand behind the hotel just abit further from the breakfast café, a couple of meters from the sea) is that it’s just plain pretty. No need for exaggeration or enhancement. It’s just lovely as it is.

View on the left.

View in front.

View on the right.

The sweet sun-kissed looks of serenity.

MNG Sunnies: RM30 during the sales. Pelican wine cooler: RM7. The ability to unwind to the sound of waves hitting the shore: priceless. For everything else there’s hard-earned cash.

Miss BellaBella’s got her eyes on me.

Miss YinYin had a timetable for everything! First ‘twas drinking time. Then ‘twas puffing time. Then ‘twas chillin’ time. Then ‘twas camera-whoring time. Then ‘twas listening to music time. Then ‘twas chatting time. And then came her favourite: Chor-Tai-Ti time!

Look at me with my same-flower-flush. Don’t know what it’s professionally called but it must be pretty awesome ‘cos Miss YinYin got all hyped up and started snapping pictures. She said it’s really rare that this happens… I think she also said it’s the first time she’s witnessed such an occasion. All I really wanted to do was to lose the game so I could drink ;D

One thing’s for sure Langkawi is h-h-hot! A minute out there and I feel like Wagyu on a George Foreman’s grill. Onto napping now… weeee!!

This is what we found when we returned to the room post-housekeeping. The chambermaid (with the wittiest sense of humour) stuck one of my balloon-poodle to Miss BellaBella’s can of Carlsberg. Cute gila right??


Fatham. Use your imagination said...

LOL love the last photo.

You're gorgeous!

Glad to have you back after the long hiatus of no blogging!

Miss YinYin said...

The very rare chor-dai-ti combo is called 'tong fa sunn' haha
thanks for the entry on our langkawi trip, it really brings back all the good and funny memories...exactly what i need now as it's been tough getting back to my work this week!

shelbybaby said...

fatham: yeayyy!! knowing i have such fun and loving readers make me feel like lollipops inside. this entry is dedicated to you.

missyinyin: we heart langkawi. woi burn ur camera version of our pics and send to me-lah..

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