Friday, March 06, 2009

i sing, i dance, i steal things

“Open up your eyes and see like me
Open up your plans and damn you’re free…”

The concert was absolutely mind-blowing. OMG. Seriously… So… Darn… Good.

As usual me and Ah Haz (my live gig kindred spirit *giggle*) were late. I don’t know why punctuality is always an issue when it comes to concerts. Without fail the police closed the roads down and we didn’t know where to park. Thank goodness it was a week day so the crowd was not mega heavy. Stadium Negara is beside Stadium Merdeka. Since I’ve circled Stadium Merdeka at least 4 times during the Avril Lavigne fiasco I was pretty familiar with them stretch of roads. We parked in a parking zone and walked a wee bit before arriving to the foot of the stadiums’ hill. As we trudged up I realized that we were pretty much alone. Everyone must already be in the stadium! This is not good at all. I don’t want to be missing the opening song yet again!! Aaaaargh :P

We picked up the pace and sure enough the show had begun! I was dying to rush in but ayo Ah Haz had to drop by the loo. Wahlau-eh…! It seemed like a full house out there and the crowd was super pumped up. Jason really surprised me with his excellent showmanship. I guess since geeks (in pink) are not quite afraid to embarrass themselves which in turn really pleased the crowd. I especially enjoyed the part where he thought us gestures to accompany ‘The Dynamo of Volition’.

“Good Job
Get 'em up way high
Gimme gimme that high five
[everyone put their hands up in the air]
Good times
Get 'em way down low
Gimme gimme that low dough
[everyone put their hands down to do some ass action]
Good God
Bring 'em back again
Gimme gimme that high ten
[everyone put their hands up in the air in tens]
You're the best definition of good intentions…”

Ah Haz hardly knew any of Mraz’ tracks but he sure seemed to be having fun!! Jason played most of the tracks on his latest album and a couple from Mr A-Z. He even played my favourite: 'A Beautiful Mess' (which I’ve heard him mention in an interview somewhere ‘twas his favourite track on the album also. What can I say? We’re soulmates! Jason get with the program already… be with me *pant pant*).

And the loveliest thing about the guy is that when he went backstage to change, he reappeared with a ‘I [heart] KL’ T-shirt!! That indeed is the sweetest thing.

Mraz, you rock.


ainwahid said...

aaaaa jealousnya!

shelbybaby said...

ain: jealous kan jealous kan?? i knowww!! i'm so jealous of myself too wahaha..

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