Thursday, March 05, 2009

how me became a we

Me bad blogger.

Late entries. In fact very very late entries. Long pauses in between. Minimal images. Non-constructive rants. I’m sorry.

* hands over a fuschia glitter feather duster* If you must spank me…

To make up for my bad behaviour I'd like to let y'all know:

Umm.. right. So uh.. me and Guy Nouveau are officially an item. Yes… a relationship, finally.

It all started when I went to Alor Star last weekend with a bleak agenda. I was going to tell Guy Nouveau it was not going to work. We were too different. He old me young. He kampung boy me city girl. He quiet and sedate me loud and vibrant. He tidy me messy. He umm.. unfortunate-looking me well, not to say like super-fortunate but fortunate enough-looking-lah (no judgement needed on this statement, we’re all visual creatures in the end). He simple, fuss-free me complicated, frou-frou.. It just seemed too difficult. Too much compromise, too much tolerance… do relationships need this many adjustments? I see people easily breezing into couplehood with so much ease and grace. So peas in a pod-like. It was not happening for the both of us and hence the intended predicament.

He was very much like the town. Slow, steady, silent and sedentary. We headed off to his barracks in the army quarters. It was neat as expected. I wanted to take a nap so he watched the army parade on TV2 (‘twas some kinda army day thing). I couldn’t sleep in a new environment despite his very comfortable pillow and duvet so I turned my attention to the tele.

moi: why the heck are we watching this?
GN: It’s the army procession. I used to be involved in things like this.
moi: But it’s so boring. It’s a man in uniform circling round other standing men in a jeep. Can we please watch something else?
GN: No. I really want to watch this. I’m in the army.. watching this gives me a sense of pride. I don’t know how to explain but yea.. I want to watch this.
moi: FINE. Hmmph!
GN: Don’t be angry k… After this I change..
moi: :P

After abit of a rest I started to get ready. It was weird having a man watch me go through my pre-going out ritual. He literally watched me curl every lock of my hair, line my eyes and rouge my cheeks. I had on a black dress and he gulped.

What now?
GN: What? Nothing…
moi: Too plunging neckline issit? Well you're gonna have to get used to my dressing..
GN: No it’s alright.
moi: Then..?
GN: You’re wearing black on the first visit-ah?
moi: Your family so superstitious meh?
GN: Well not really but…
moi: FINE I’ll change.
GN: Eh nevermind-lah… I’m just saying only.
moi: Now that you’ve said it I can’t, like, not change..!

So I changed into a breezy cotton summer dress the shade of The Great Barrier Reef and off we headed off to Butterworth to go jalan-jalan in one of ‘em malls. Just as we drove past his hometown, his sister gave a ring to ask us to come over before the designated time. I was getting a lil’ fidgety. We have a password: karipap in case I get uncomfortable… he’s supposed to swoop me away into safety should that happen. How I even got into this position in the first place is another story. I’ll tell y’all tomorrow or something. I’ve never had to meet parents before. I’ve never been in a relationship mah.

Yea you’re looking at a relationship virgin right here.

The 2 girls are his favourite nieces. That is Guy Nouveau's right knee.

More nieces and a zoo of animal balloons. My colleagues call me a cheater 'cos I don't play fair and win the kids over first with incentives.

I was introduced to his sister and nieces. They started to clamber all over him. Something cold and hard in my heart chipped off. Watching them “tehh” with him and digging their nails into his calves amused me. It was like watching Dddy and us kids back when we weighed 15kg and lesser. More melted. I made the kids animal balloons. Guy Nouveau was surprised. He asked me how many more of my hidden talents does he not know about. I told him he can slowly find out. Amidst the chaos of family introduction our fingers found each other. They started to intertwine. It was a warm fuzzy feeling. It felt like home…? The drive back was a giddy mix of smiles. That evening we made out.
Actually he proposed the idea of ‘us’ on Sunday and I told him that I needed 2 weeks to think about things. And then he told me to take as much time as I needed but I figured it would not be fair to drag things on too long. I guess the one thing I adore about him is his patience especially his patience with me. Either that or he must like me thaaat much and that feels awfully nice :)

On the plane ride back I didn’t really give much thought to anything. Just engrossed in my book and thinking back on the previous 2 days when all of a sudden the plane dropped.

Not swoop, not dive but literally dropped like an elevator terputus cable. The impact was so unexpected, fast and deep that passengers’ teh tarik ended up on the plane ceiling. The worse part is that the fall happened twice. That two 4-seconds were the longest and scariest 8-seconds of my life (and everyone else on the plane too, I presume). Even my bungee-jump back in Ayia Napa, Cyprus didn’t frighten me that long. At that moment we were plunging down, the old malay pakcik beside me linked his arms around me and another pakcik to keep us fastened to our seat or we’d fly out. Thank goodness none of us were unbuckled. We landed in the end. I couldn’t wait to get out of the plane.

I was quite shaken. Didn’t show it but felt it. You know in the movies where you’re at the brink of death and your life flashes past your eyes. That does NOT happen. What really happens is that you’re scared and helpless and all that goes through your mind is..

“F*CK so this is it! This is the end of me! This is how I’m going to die! 27 years old. Flying from Alor Star in an AirAsia plane. My parents are going to kill me. Oh wait they can’t kill me ‘cos I’m dead. MY PRECIOUS STUFF. They’re gonna be bloody burnt! F*ck! I haven’t even enjoyed the good life past houseman ship. OMG. This is it. Goddess Kuan Yin, I know I keep asking from you but please show your mercy on me. Please help us on this flight. OMG.”

I came home with a bizarre feeling in my heart. I wanted to cry but could not. Usually I’d just try to cry it out into my pillow and fall asleep. But now I’ve got Guy Nouveau to hear me out. He’d crack an improper joke or two but in the end it’s so very nice and comforting to have someone to turn to at times of need. I don’t have to be alone anymore. I am not alone anymore.

So today marks a month since we’ve known each other. I decided if I was going to decide on a yes with this relationship I need not wait 2 weeks.. I can just as well say it now. So I woke up from sleep at 06:00. Ran down to my mobile and told him I accept his proposal.

I have a boyfriend.


Anonymous said...

he's a rough diamond.. how i know ? coz i married one. when a man is super tolerant wif u over a good number of years (i waited and tested him mercilessly for 8 yrs b4 we got married), chances are, he really does love you !

cherish each otr.

Fatham. Use your imagination said...

CONGRATS!!! So happy for you..probably means u'll blog less often too huh? 'Cos now u have someone to share things with instead of your readers..Nevertheless, best wishes to your relationship..Guy Nouveau really does seem like a very sweet man who is in love w you!

Anonymous said...

hey babe, a big congratulations to you!!! it's the start of your next phase in life!!! :) you are so in love...i can just tell from the lovey dovey smiles you had on your face during our eagle island trip.

so, when do we get to meet guy nouveau? soon i hope :)

~bella bella~

Esther said...

picture of you and him please. We can help u to judge him ;)

LIZZIE said...

You've waited 27 years. And good things comes to those who waits. Maybe you've waited enough. This is it. I'm happy to know you're happy. Being in a relationship for the first few months would bring a jumble of emotions, but be patient (even if you're not that type), work with him, and then you'll experience the best feeling ever... An Everlasting Love..


shelbybaby said...

anon: thank you so much for the good advice. so clueless at this sometimes that i really need it.

fatham: i'm trying so hard not to succumb to the cliche of 'not-blogging-so-often-cos-i'm-in-a-relationship' but sure seems like i'm slipping into it. i will work harder to not disappoint my readers.

bellabella: lovey-dovey smiles? woot?? where got-lah? *blush* you'll be meeting him soon...

esther: wahaha!! well said ;)

lizzie: OMG you are so right. this relationship thing is just so weirdly new to me. thank you for the warm pointers.

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