Wednesday, February 18, 2009

on the 15th day of new year my true love gave to me…

(super duper late entry)

Nothing. No true love-lah so how to get anything??

It’s Chap Goh Meh y’all!! Also known as the Chinese Valentine’s Day. For those who don’t already know, basically what happens on the 15th day of Chinese New Year (also the last day of CNY) is…

Wikipedia: It coincides with the Chinese Valentine's Day. It is also when young unmarried women gather to toss tangerines into the sea, in a hope that their future spouse will pick it up

This is a leftover mandarin orange.

That is a sungai.
(image unavailable)
This is me trying my romantic luck out.

(image unavailable)
That is Ah Seng who thinks I’m the biggest joke on earth.

(image coming soon)
This is our massive turnout CGM dinner. Big crowd hor?

New Year has been so much fun. This is the 2nd CNY back home… I’m starting to get the hang of Tong-Tong-Chiang-ing here in Malaysia.

Of course we went back to Kelantan *silent groan* ‘cos there’s where the parentals’ party people at.

Went over to Mmmy’s bro’s place for CNY eve dinner of steamboat. My favourite are the crabmeat-pincers.
First Day CNY obviously started with wearing something new. I didn’t have the time to go shopping this year (I know my babydolls.. read it and believe it) ‘cos I was struggling with extra calls to make up for my 5 days absence. By the time I hit the shops all that’s left were black / non-auspicious coloured dresses on the racks. Either that or FIRE ENGINE RED CINA tops. I decided to wear something I already had.
In my extreme efforts to ikut pantang and let ‘em “ong” in…

Times are bad-lah. I think I did well in the wearing-something-new department. Isn’t the neon-pink wallet absolutely awesome?!! Go get it at Forever21 :)

I seriously know times are bad. My angpow collection this year is abysmal! A lot of married adults prancied around.. absoluting ignoring me. Oi I’m not married OK which still valids me a red bloody packet! So kiamsiap man people nowadays. Economic downturn is economic downturn, but tradition is tradition bah. RM2 also OK.. I ain’t gonna judge y’know, at least I can pay for parking.

Look at Mahmah’s bling-bling top! Kalah me.

Remember my trio cousins? Watching them grow makes me feel a lil’ *cough* old *cough*

Routine family CNY picture sans Sophiekins. Yes-lah I’ve put on weight-lah. Don’t drone on it already… I’ve got a complex as it is :(

In Kelantan, a Second Day CNY breakkie consists of yesterday’s open-house leftovers which is usually nasi dagang / nasi kerabu / in this case roti jala + chicken curry that is too yum too be true!

Third Day CNY I went “pai-chia”-ing all over town. Brought hand-made mini goodie-bags filled with (my version) of Chinese delights: rice crackers, fortune cookies, Ferrero Rocher ‘gold’ chocs, “heong peah” and Marks + Spencer lavender / rose / vanilla candles with me. Aren’t the lil’ bags a big cutie?? I made them myself *beams with pride*

Let you in on a secret: they’re not sewn but… stapled together!! Do I look like I’m a whiz with the sewing machine? Brillianto right?? I’ll teach you if you ask me (on my comments box).

The rest of the CNY days are all about going over to makan-makan at friends’ place.
Catching up with their parents...

...and meeting new people.

And umm… taking advantage of the free flow wine *giggle*
(image coming soon)
Not forgetting “lou yee sang” with colleagues and wishing for higher pay and lesser on-calls!
That and BJ (Blackjack) of course. I learnt a new game called ‘In Between’ and absolutely LOVES IT!! It ranks equivalent to my fishing game.

Note: I only “hoitoi” during CNY.
After one of my last games at Miss BeeBee’s place (of which I lost so badly during In-Between but made it all back in BJ.. yeayy!!), Ah Chee insisted we go makan raw fish porridge at Chee Chiong Kai aka Petaling Street aka Chinatown that opens at 04:15 in the blimin’ AM!

This place is LEGENDARY!!

You’d wonder where all these people come from, at such blinding wee hours of the morning, but mann the stall is bloody filled with hungry city-slickers!!
Ah Yung, Miss BeeBee and her hubs have been going on and on ‘bout how superb the raw-fish porridge but the rest of us were just always too tired to hold out ‘till 04:00 just for some kinda food. This, my cheery babydolls, is no some-kinda-food. This IS FOOD. It’s SCRUMPTIOUS. Seriously. And Miss BeeBee says it’s really great at this timing ‘cos the fish is fresh so no funny “sanng” kinda taste.

I will have to put up another special post on this porridge one day.

So that raps up CNY’09. Here’s wishing y’all a happy NIU year.. Mooo!!

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