Saturday, February 14, 2009

v-day gimme gimme

Happy Valentine's Day babydolls!!

Woohoo for the very first time Valentine's Day is really working out for me. Apart from the ella-ella fiasco I've been having a pretty good Valentine's weekend so far. Seriously.

So we went clubbing last night at Velvet (Joanne Kam Poh Poh's Happy Ending cabaret show featuring Tony Eusoff as special guest) and had a blast!! Especially loves her lip-synching music performance. Oh and Tony Eusoff *mini swoon* "TONYYY, YOU CAN SOO BE MY HERO BABY!!"
The important point is that I totally got pulled last night!! And he is WAYYY CUTEEE!! And he's Chinese!! (Remember my problem with Cina boys??) No, we didn't exchange numbers 'cos I don't see a point to that. But man this is massive EGO-PUMPING y'all *kembang siut* Wah.. it's, like, I'm STILL LAKU bok!! OK perhaps I shouldn't say 'still' but it's been awhile since my UK-hey days so it's really a boost to know I do get noticed in the crowd. I suspect it's 'cos of something I did a week over ago. Will share the secret sometime soon. Keep tuning in folks.
In the meantime I'm gonna get lunch with my technically-fiance Ah Choy 'cos he's all pissy mood with Valentine's. And tonight I'm gonna cuci mata at Beercamp!! Pray there's gonna be truckloadsa pretty boys for me to look at (and maybe bite!! Wahaha).

I leave you babydolls with some objects to cuci mata.

Boys, don't be cheap. There's no such thing as "Everyday's Valentine's Day so I won't submit to over-commercialized holidays(??) with extravagant marked up prices." Be a bigger man and get the lady some flowers at least. Need a tip: Hydrangeas.

Anya Hindmarch 'Love Tokens' Loose Pocket

Prada coin purse

Smith's Rosebud Salve

MiuMiu keyring

'All About Us' book

Loewe coin purses

Pimp-ho water tumblers

Hot lips phone

River Island earrings

Mr Pink Diana F+ Lomo camera

John Galliano solid perfume charm bracelet

Saska Diez ring by Kabiri

P.S., disclaimer: images courtesy of Urban Outfitters, handbag, Eluxury

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