Friday, February 20, 2009

this spells trouble

Comparisons are easily made
Once you've had a taste of perfection
Like an apple hanging from a tree
I picked the ripest one
I still got the seed
You said move on
Where do I go
I guess second best
Is all I will know
Cause when I'm with him
I am thinking of you
Thinking of you
What you would do if
You were the one
Who was spending the night
Oh I wish that I
Was looking into your eyes
... Thinking Of You, Katy Perry ...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

on the 15th day of new year my true love gave to me…

(super duper late entry)

Nothing. No true love-lah so how to get anything??

It’s Chap Goh Meh y’all!! Also known as the Chinese Valentine’s Day. For those who don’t already know, basically what happens on the 15th day of Chinese New Year (also the last day of CNY) is…

Wikipedia: It coincides with the Chinese Valentine's Day. It is also when young unmarried women gather to toss tangerines into the sea, in a hope that their future spouse will pick it up

This is a leftover mandarin orange.

That is a sungai.
(image unavailable)
This is me trying my romantic luck out.

(image unavailable)
That is Ah Seng who thinks I’m the biggest joke on earth.

(image coming soon)
This is our massive turnout CGM dinner. Big crowd hor?

New Year has been so much fun. This is the 2nd CNY back home… I’m starting to get the hang of Tong-Tong-Chiang-ing here in Malaysia.

Of course we went back to Kelantan *silent groan* ‘cos there’s where the parentals’ party people at.

Went over to Mmmy’s bro’s place for CNY eve dinner of steamboat. My favourite are the crabmeat-pincers.
First Day CNY obviously started with wearing something new. I didn’t have the time to go shopping this year (I know my babydolls.. read it and believe it) ‘cos I was struggling with extra calls to make up for my 5 days absence. By the time I hit the shops all that’s left were black / non-auspicious coloured dresses on the racks. Either that or FIRE ENGINE RED CINA tops. I decided to wear something I already had.
In my extreme efforts to ikut pantang and let ‘em “ong” in…

Times are bad-lah. I think I did well in the wearing-something-new department. Isn’t the neon-pink wallet absolutely awesome?!! Go get it at Forever21 :)

I seriously know times are bad. My angpow collection this year is abysmal! A lot of married adults prancied around.. absoluting ignoring me. Oi I’m not married OK which still valids me a red bloody packet! So kiamsiap man people nowadays. Economic downturn is economic downturn, but tradition is tradition bah. RM2 also OK.. I ain’t gonna judge y’know, at least I can pay for parking.

Look at Mahmah’s bling-bling top! Kalah me.

Remember my trio cousins? Watching them grow makes me feel a lil’ *cough* old *cough*

Routine family CNY picture sans Sophiekins. Yes-lah I’ve put on weight-lah. Don’t drone on it already… I’ve got a complex as it is :(

In Kelantan, a Second Day CNY breakkie consists of yesterday’s open-house leftovers which is usually nasi dagang / nasi kerabu / in this case roti jala + chicken curry that is too yum too be true!

Third Day CNY I went “pai-chia”-ing all over town. Brought hand-made mini goodie-bags filled with (my version) of Chinese delights: rice crackers, fortune cookies, Ferrero Rocher ‘gold’ chocs, “heong peah” and Marks + Spencer lavender / rose / vanilla candles with me. Aren’t the lil’ bags a big cutie?? I made them myself *beams with pride*

Let you in on a secret: they’re not sewn but… stapled together!! Do I look like I’m a whiz with the sewing machine? Brillianto right?? I’ll teach you if you ask me (on my comments box).

The rest of the CNY days are all about going over to makan-makan at friends’ place.
Catching up with their parents...

...and meeting new people.

And umm… taking advantage of the free flow wine *giggle*
(image coming soon)
Not forgetting “lou yee sang” with colleagues and wishing for higher pay and lesser on-calls!
That and BJ (Blackjack) of course. I learnt a new game called ‘In Between’ and absolutely LOVES IT!! It ranks equivalent to my fishing game.

Note: I only “hoitoi” during CNY.
After one of my last games at Miss BeeBee’s place (of which I lost so badly during In-Between but made it all back in BJ.. yeayy!!), Ah Chee insisted we go makan raw fish porridge at Chee Chiong Kai aka Petaling Street aka Chinatown that opens at 04:15 in the blimin’ AM!

This place is LEGENDARY!!

You’d wonder where all these people come from, at such blinding wee hours of the morning, but mann the stall is bloody filled with hungry city-slickers!!
Ah Yung, Miss BeeBee and her hubs have been going on and on ‘bout how superb the raw-fish porridge but the rest of us were just always too tired to hold out ‘till 04:00 just for some kinda food. This, my cheery babydolls, is no some-kinda-food. This IS FOOD. It’s SCRUMPTIOUS. Seriously. And Miss BeeBee says it’s really great at this timing ‘cos the fish is fresh so no funny “sanng” kinda taste.

I will have to put up another special post on this porridge one day.

So that raps up CNY’09. Here’s wishing y’all a happy NIU year.. Mooo!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

happy belated thaipusam

(late entry)

to me.

One of the finest thing that can greet you in the morning is a very, very empty looking patient board. You see it, especially on the day of your oncall, and immediately pink rainbow thoughts and unicorn glitter coats your mood and you're floating like a flutterby. Imagine an empty inbox tray at work... yea you get it now *wink*

So while it was a very gracious day for my fellow Hindu colleagues, t'was a darn gracious day for me too.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

today + tonight

v-day gimme gimme

Happy Valentine's Day babydolls!!

Woohoo for the very first time Valentine's Day is really working out for me. Apart from the ella-ella fiasco I've been having a pretty good Valentine's weekend so far. Seriously.

So we went clubbing last night at Velvet (Joanne Kam Poh Poh's Happy Ending cabaret show featuring Tony Eusoff as special guest) and had a blast!! Especially loves her lip-synching music performance. Oh and Tony Eusoff *mini swoon* "TONYYY, YOU CAN SOO BE MY HERO BABY!!"
The important point is that I totally got pulled last night!! And he is WAYYY CUTEEE!! And he's Chinese!! (Remember my problem with Cina boys??) No, we didn't exchange numbers 'cos I don't see a point to that. But man this is massive EGO-PUMPING y'all *kembang siut* Wah.. it's, like, I'm STILL LAKU bok!! OK perhaps I shouldn't say 'still' but it's been awhile since my UK-hey days so it's really a boost to know I do get noticed in the crowd. I suspect it's 'cos of something I did a week over ago. Will share the secret sometime soon. Keep tuning in folks.
In the meantime I'm gonna get lunch with my technically-fiance Ah Choy 'cos he's all pissy mood with Valentine's. And tonight I'm gonna cuci mata at Beercamp!! Pray there's gonna be truckloadsa pretty boys for me to look at (and maybe bite!! Wahaha).

I leave you babydolls with some objects to cuci mata.

Boys, don't be cheap. There's no such thing as "Everyday's Valentine's Day so I won't submit to over-commercialized holidays(??) with extravagant marked up prices." Be a bigger man and get the lady some flowers at least. Need a tip: Hydrangeas.

Anya Hindmarch 'Love Tokens' Loose Pocket

Prada coin purse

Smith's Rosebud Salve

MiuMiu keyring

'All About Us' book

Loewe coin purses

Pimp-ho water tumblers

Hot lips phone

River Island earrings

Mr Pink Diana F+ Lomo camera

John Galliano solid perfume charm bracelet

Saska Diez ring by Kabiri

P.S., disclaimer: images courtesy of Urban Outfitters, handbag, Eluxury

Friday, February 13, 2009

i wish rihanna just cancelled the concert-lah

Was supposed to go to Rihanna-ella-ella's concert today with McFriend. Even applied for leave a month before for it. We were both so amp-ed up to go 'till... you know the rest. What's even more pathetic is that since both of us are housemen and don't really have the time to read the newspaper or listen to the radio we only found out about it the day before yesterday.

Damn potong-lah!!

It's so difficult arranging our scheds and getting leave for this and now they come and POSTPONE IT?? Why do they even bother? If the law is involved she would probably only start touring after 6 months. And I would be quite de-pumped by then and lots of people would have had their schedules all tied up! F*ck.

Ah Preet: Maybe she forgot her umbrella.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

dubia ad bonam

Miss MasMas’ husband: Shelby, wt is ur ful name. I wud like introduce u wif …. [let’s call him Guy-Nouveau] Aged 30++

I’m actually quite amused because hooking me up has now come to be a family activity. It’s not just my friends who are getting busy finding me a companion but their husbands are now joining in the hunt as well. It’s crazy!

So.. me and Guy-Nouveau are currently in contact. It’s going at a faster pace than what I’m used to but… I suppose the overwhelming attention is quite flattering and it’s nice to have response (almost instantaneous most of the time which is endearing). So what about McFriend? We’re good friends. Like I’ve rehearsed a thousand and one times before… we’re friends (who *cough* hold hands *cough*). I’m not attached to anyone. I’m allowed to go out with as many potential suitors possible. It’s only if I’m promised to a person that flirting around becomes a crime. Apart from that, Sir Snail, an old crush who is recently coming back into the picture, isn’t exactly picking up his pace (again!). I will not tolerate another round of shuffle-pace chase. I’m done sitting, waiting, wishing.

Must I always be waiting waiting on you?
Must I always be playing playing the fool?
... Sitting, Waiting, Wishing, Jack Johnson ...

Guy-Nouveau is 36 years old. I’m not sure how I’m going to be able to cope with the 8 year age gap. OK, male mentality in comparison to female’s is AGE – 2 YEARS, in his case he’s really actually ’34 years old’.. but I’m also pretty juvenile a person which pretty much brings us back to the original age gap. It’s definitely weird and difficult getting to know a new person from absolute scratch… but I think we’re coping OK. So far he’s proving to be quite an agreeable company. And we’re slowly progressing from mobile msgs to calls. Also we’re due to meet in the near future. This is the elderly, more realistic (some could call pathetic.. keke) version of IRC (whoah blast from the past y’all) kua I suppose. Guy-Nouveau wakes me up every morning. I’m thinking: don’t the dude sleep?? Isn’t it a pain to wake up in the wee hours in the morning to send a msg? Yea OK so Guy-Nouveau’s job has trained him to be a well-disciplined alarm clock which quite explains his almost superhuman abilities to spontaneously get up at impossible hours beyond normal waking period… still you gotta admire the effort. It’s ultimately quite umm.. sweet *smirk*

Everyone’s curious to know the prognosis of this circumstance. The answer is: I don’t know. I don’t know about Guy-Nouveau. I don’t know about McFriend. I don’t know about Sir Snail. I don’t know about… *sigh* I really don’t know OK. Until now all I have around me are supporting actors. Nobody has stepped up to claim me… what I want is The Actor. The Man. The freaking Oscar winner! Come get me already…

P.S: Never in my life have I ever been this spoilt for choice. It’s a very unusual feeling.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

v-day gimme gimme: prequel

CNY entry up soon... I look like an oversized pork ball so not really enthusiastic 'bout putting pics up.

In the meantime...

All I want for Valentine's is:

Stephen Sprouse for Vuitton: Neverfull (medium)

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

hari appendisitis sedunia

Is today some kinda World Appendicitis Day that I don’t know about ‘cos it sure seems like EVERYONE’S appendix’ specifically chose today to inflame / perforate?? I’ve been in and out the OT (operation theatre) from morning ‘till night. Bloody crap. And retraction is so damn tiring! Try holding a pair of 500g/1kg dumbbells out in front of you with your elbows bent and maintain that exact position for 30 minutes. Trust me you’d rather chew on carpet. The last op (operation) was the trickiest of the day (with the supposedly perforated appendix that turned out to be an appendiceal abscess and I retracted for 1.5 hours!! Well won’t bore you with details..). Pokoknya my fingers are numb and my triceps are all cramped up damnit. Just as I sat down on the chair to catch my breath and enjoy the cold drink (Yeo’s Justea: Green Tea + Lemon) Ah Seng got me…

(msg @ 23:49)
Miss NitNit: Shelby go eat n shower. Got admission later maybe in half hour.
moi: I kno. Girl who swallowed 3 pins rite.. Crap
Miss NitNit: One pin. Yeah we all hate her.
moi: I hv bettr use for pins. I’d poke her. Many many times!

Now I’m going to catch a 10-minute power nap before the Pin-girl comes in. There’s a KIV Acute Pancreatitis-lady in queue too… F*ck. So tired… can… die.
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