Friday, January 30, 2009


I was tagged by Lizzie here awhile back...

"The rules are simple.
Use Google Images to search for the answers to the questions below.
Then you must choose a picture in the first page of the results and post it as your answer.
After that tag 7 people."

The age of my next birthday:

A place I'd like to travel to:
My favourite place:

My favourite thing:

My favourite food:

My favourite color:

The city (town really) I live in (FOR NOW ONLY):

The city I was born in:

My nickname:

My College Major:

Name of my first lover:

My bad habit:

My hobby:

My Current Wish List (max. of 3)

I tag...
1. Cindy
2. Lynette
3. Wilson
4. Jiunmei
5. Ashley2Fish
6. Fatham
7. Cute lil' angel
P.S: Do leave the URL of your 'tag' entry in my comments box so I can go check it out!

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