Saturday, January 03, 2009

random 2008 findings

(very late entry)

My beloved paediatric staff nurses tersayang with cuppacaking goodies.

My adopted salsa family.

Miss ChingChing and moi. She's from Brunei y'all. We go back a long long time... back to them ancient times in Brighton and Hove. Whoah.

You can't really see but there was a whole dollop of sparrows circling about the pink sky. 'Twas quite a sight.

Miss KosKos' sister's wedding. I kinda forgot all about it 'till I got her call that afternoon. Immediately I jumped into a dress and raced down to Shah Alam.

One day if I'm not careful I'm gonna be in big trouble for taking pictures of rainbows while zooming down the highway.

A toast to Miss ChongChong's new place.

Just to note to people out there. Do NOT aim the cork at your own face while popping bubbly champagne or fizzy drinks or in our case sparkling fruit juice!!

Or you'd end up with a bruise the size of Australia on your left cheek just 4 days before Xmas!!

I'm a post-call wrecks. Medicine has made me old old old.

Went home many pennies poorer. I suck at gambling.

Miss YeeYee's a proud mommy of baby Adrisa. She's so cute... like a mantou hor?

Sophiekins is home and is also intrigued with Unique's very big oysters :)

Doctors Gone Wild Episode 02 @ Velvet.


Michael Yip said...

I like the way you say Adopted Salsa Family, very odd family. LOL

shelbybaby said...

michael yip: wooo!! thx so much for visiting my site *salute salute* it's an honour to have a fellow blogger of the month come over to have a peek. keep coming!

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