Friday, January 02, 2009

miss masmas is now a mrs

(late entry)

It was abit of a journey to Kluang... especially since I've put on some X'mas weight (do NOT ask how much! Damn the festive wine and cakes!!) making me burst out of my corset seams as I steered the wheel 3 hours towards Johor. I told Ah Haz I felt like a ketupat.

Miss MasMas' hubs is an engineer, rank: Captain, in the air force so they had a nice army style ceremony with sabres and stuff.

*peek peek* *smirk smirk*

Aww.. the merry couple :)

Very very beautilicious anak-anak dara + Miss IyanIyan yang tak malu ngaku sendiri dara when she's already married!

The sword bearers doin' their thang!

At the sabre bridge: 'ere comes the bride. All dressed in umm... blue?

Miss KosKos and moi.

Again.. *peek peek* *smirk smirk*

I think I look too eager about the cupcake.

Traditional wedding guest shot. Man I seriously need to start running again!

Sweets for her sweets.

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