Wednesday, January 14, 2009

edward cullen: and so the lion fell in love with the lamb

He doesn’t believe in love. I know! He’s seriously freakin’ weird or jaded, gila cynic or just plain outta his mind!

The ‘love’ debate has now come to be our staple conversation.

moi: Love exists.
Him: Nope.
moi: Love exists.
Him: Nope.
moi: Love exists!
Him: Nope.
moi: Love exists!!
Him: Nope.
moi: Love exists!!! *almost screeching*
Him: Nope.
moi: Love existsss *pleading tone*
Him: *looks at me..*
moi: *puppy-dog eyes* --> This is me pulling out the BIG guns.
Him: Nope.
moi: #$%^@@#$%%!!
Him: *chuckles*
moi: *blink blink*
Him: Still nope.
moi: …..

That dialogue above repeats itself everytime.

He acknowledges the existence of care but not love. The L-word is not present in his dictionary. He says love is a con made up by Hollywood directors to cheat naive chicks like me into watching their movies. WTF? I say the right girl hasn’t come to sweep him off his feet. He says that will never happen ‘cos he doesn’t believe in love. How can a person not believe in love?? That’s just ludicrous. I’m not saying it’s gotta be some AK47- hand grenade-keBAboom Titanic / Gone With The Wind / The Notebook kinda love but a milder version of it exists in the everyday people we meet. Love scares me but it doesn’t mean I dismiss it. Ever since Mr Orange I am somewhat phobic ‘bout the whole love-business and have since then been more careful with my precious lil’ heart. Don’t think it can tolerate anymore bruising. Despite all that I still believe love exists.

If I don’t believe in love
Nothing is good for me
If I don’t believe in love
Nothing will last for me
When I don’t believe in love
Nothing is new for me
Nothing is wrong for me
Nothing is real for me
… Dido, Don’t Believe In Love …

In yet another, you may deem it somewhat vain, attempt to further justify my conviction / convert him into a love-believer I dragged him to TGV, Sunway Pyramid (the only cinema in KL / Klang Valley that continues to play the show) to watch (like the epic LOVE STORY OF 2008/09!!) Twilight! Yes my darling babydolls, you must all go watch this movie called Twilight about ‘vegetarian’ vampires who live amongst us of which one of ‘em hot ones suddenly falls in love with a mortal human being. She’s not even super hot which is even more convincing. If Edward was in Malaysia he would have easily just fall head over heels for me. Edward Cullen my dear Edward Cullen. Such brawn… what a face… that bashful smile *stops breathing for 5 seconds* The scene when he stops the car from crashing her into a tin can of spam, when he screeched his thundering umm.. what car wassat: Volkswagen?? Volvo??.. to a halt and saved her from the town assholes, when he speaks to her with such child-like tenderness, when he swore to protect her from the evils(!!) yes-lah abit ironic considering he’s ‘evil’ but that ain’t the point. Point is the love he exuded is so breath-taking and manly that boys really ought to take a page (OR TWO) off him if they wanna get with the girls. This guy stands for so many things that men aren’t today.

moi: OK so what have we learnt from the movie today?
Him: That all male vampires are macho?
moi: NO.
Him: That I should go home and ask my dad if he’s a vampire ‘cos I’m so macho?
moi: NO.
Him: Hmm..
moi: That love… [ESP transmission: e.x.i.s.t.s]
Him: Nope.
moi: Damnit.
moi: You have to admit I was close though.

Him: *shrug*
moi: I WAS, WASN’T I??
Him: Nope.
moi: I wasss. The journey continues…!! :D
Him: You’re nuts. Have people ever told you that?
moi: All the time babydoll.. all the time :)

Please tell me y’all believe in love.

If you don’t, go watch Twilight and then attempt to re-answer the question above.

P.S: Jasper is super hot too!!
P.P.S, disclaimer: images courtesy of Yahoo! images


Sophiekins said...

T'was a Volvo (and its hot - have you seen Obama's new wheels tho?!) and Yes, I do agree Edward Cullen stands for what men aren't today. Making tek-kok kia take me to Twilight this weekend if its still playing in Hamburg. He knows Im just going to perv on Cullen and eventhough he is embarrassed to go to a kinder-film but hey - He LOVES me. Nyahahaha!

shelbybaby said...

Sophiekins: whoah volvos are hotness again and they've got edward to thank. hope u catch the show.. if u think the book is dreamy the movie will make u worship cullen!

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