Saturday, January 17, 2009

ah preet is now a mr of a mrs

Despite my vapid lifestyle and ridiculous schedule I really made myself available for Ah Preet’s wedding.

Mostly because we have gotten to be pretty close colleagues in the few months but even more because of the tale of Ah Preet and his now wife. Won't bore you with details. The point was the good girl finished first. And good girls hardly win. I'm a good girl so let's just say it amp-ed my inspiration. OK-lah his wife is a gorgeous version of a good girl but let’s not stray from the fact that she’s a good girl mah… So I went and had a lot of his good red wine. Of which I shouldn’t.. ‘cos I was due to drive back to TI afew hours later. Well you know my penchant for good wine.

(L-R) Surgical colleagues + boss: Dr Miss NirNir, Dr Ah Dara, Dr Miss MeeMee (small boss)

My laku sari did NOT fail me again! I’m telling you this sari really works… remember the last time? Anywayyy this time around, the moment I walked into the banquet hall lobby a nice, old Indian man came up to me…

Nice, old Indian man: Are you Indian or Chinese??
moi: Uh.. excuse me?
Nice old Indian man’s wife: *popped outta nowhere and picks my necklace up from my nonexistent clavicle notch*
moi: Chinese *feeling very odd with physical contact from strangers*
Nice old Indian man’s wife: Of course she’s Chinese… look at her name. This is not an Indian name.
Nice, old Indian man: ‘cos you walked in with the sari and I was wondering..
[further small talk ensued]
Nice, old Indian man: Come join us at our table..
moi: Oh no I already have a place but thank you *quickly takes leave*

Lookey-lookey.. guess who joined in the matrimonial fun: my ever favourite couple-colleague Ah Jeet and Miss MilaMila. Well obviously they’re gonna be there.. they’re Sikh and it’s a Sikh wedding and all Sikhs know each other!

We sweet girls, non?

Umm... needless to say I was umm.. abit late for work the next day *shy* Well doctors need to have a bit of a laugh too sometimes :P

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