Saturday, December 13, 2008

unbelievably late birthday party entries

(unbelievably late entries)

Miss TanTan called me over to one of her salsa friend’s birthday gig in Telawi Street Bistro aka TSB. Miss FongFong was the birthday girl and even though I’m not too familiar with her, I am pretty familiar with most of her guests. I am friends with almost all my friend’s friends it’s cuh-razy :D All my cutesy dresses were at the drycleaners so I had to wear an adult frock which is not my usual style. I had so much fun that night. Seriously. I even got just a lil’ bit wasted.. wahaha!!

Entrance to party prerequisite.

Ah Sh loves tequila BIG TIME! It sooo tells in the face.

Human sandwich take 01.

Human sandwich take 02.

Birthday girl’s prerequisite.

Like my shoes not? MY shoes not their shoes! Aldo half off :)

Ah Raj is very intrigued by my Tarzan ‘nature’ yodel.

Mamak after-hours. Seated just beside me is my fellow C-list celebrity Ah Raj. He was one of the finalist in Cornetto’s Love Perhaps 02. I believe in our potential stardom.

I was invited to Miss TanTan’s niece’s birthday. Remember them here?? I do not turn down invitations to McDonald’s birthday parties.

Man when I was young McDonald’s birthday parties were IT. I didn’t get one of course. We were poor and while everyone else had elaborated Angel black forrests and La Manila toffee bananas, mine was a pandan sponge cake from our weekly pasar malam.

Being invited to a McDonald’s party is like getting a ticket to a very exclusive Zeta Bar event. Serious. It’s that heavy-weight.

What’s with EVERYONE’s birthday cakes being jelly cakes?? What happened to the good ole’ NORMAL cakes?? I miss normal cakes. Jelly cakes are cute but yuck.

My darling Miss ChewChew turned 27. We are officially of the same age(!!). She got the girls together and we all had cake at Alexis, Bangsar.


LIZZIE said...

Hey girl.. Wah, so happy wan.. I wish I have the time to party.. And I want a birthday cake too! (*I just had one a few days ago actually, a friend's son's birthday, and now I have zits all over my face!)

Anyways cute sweetie, I'm not sure if you like being tagged, but I'm tagging you all the same. Heehee.. Pick up the tag here:

Have a nice day girl!

shelbybaby said...

lizzie: i will get to tag soon soon soon.. was so busy wrapping presents i didn't have time for life :P u have urself a rainbow day yourself :)

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