Saturday, December 06, 2008

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The Threads Zoo brings you:

CAPSquare's this nouveau spot in town. Dddy says according to the papers, it's supposedly fashioned after Manhattan high streets.

I know it's so lame bringing my parents along my shopping venture *shy*... especially when everyone there is so young, hip and cool. But you see my darling Muggles, I am a very busy person and I always believe in killing, no not two but, three birds with a Swarovski stone. Besides Dddy's very into bazaars (guess I know where I got that affinity from :P), he even told me he was happy he was there. The old man's a hippy I tell you.

Next time I'll bring my old books. Go Bookcrossing y'all!

I've been considering getting this hoodie for quite awhile now ever since I saw it on Button My Buttons. Syahida designs them herself y'all.

So I figured hey here it is staring at me.. buy! This is My Fantasy Unicorn in Navy Blue. Loves. Did you know I used to be a big time hoodie / jumper girl way back during my Indon times? Yea memories.. Oh and you can get a 20% discount when you purchase it here now.

Murni Murni Murni *squeals in delight* !! I went to Bijou Bazaar's ARTrage's Lab to find for Murni's stall but left very disappointed. So disappointed that I did NOT blog about it 'cos I went there TWICE (once in the afternoon and another in the evening) and went home with Cold Storage groceries instead of the lovely trinkets I fantasized to buy.

This is the Murni's Mimpi handmade Jewellery line. I'm a big big fan :) Murni's as pretty as her creations and now I think I'm starting to sound like a crazy stalker so I'll stop gushing.

See Sofia: the white cabochon rose necklace with hummingbird charm?? I've been hunting that design family for awhile now. Fortunately Murni managed to remake it. Yeayyy!!

Murni: What do you do?
moi: I'm a doctor...
Murni: Whoah
moi: who really wishes she was a jewellery designer
Murni: Well I'm a jewellery designer...
Murni: who really wishes she was a doctor
Murni + moi: *giggles at our silly selves*

While I pottered about spending my government gaji, the parentals got busy getting it on at the mini fish spa by Dr Fish.

Only RM10 for 10+5 minutes! And so freakin' convenient. That's Shelbulosity for you.

Go and have retail therapy fun! There's really so much more to see.


Murni said...

hey ya babe! thanks for popping by my stall & writing such a lovely review! it was awesome to finally meet you too. anyways, hope you like your purchases from Happy Hippyz ;)

shelbybaby said...

murni: i dooo i dooo

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