Monday, December 01, 2008

shine on me

Lo is h-h-hot! And LC has killer frocks. Man.. the Hills’ girls have rockin’ bikini bodies!

I want a body like that. They probably got it from their mama. My mama didn’t get me no rockin’ bikini body like that. Which sucks ‘cos it means I’ve got to work for it. And I have been working for it… well not that hard-lah. Which explains the nil results. I have to say, losing weight is freakin’ difficult. And I went to med school for crying out loud! Unless you’re Britney Spears and can spend 6 hours a day with LA’s top personal trainer everyday or Mary-Kate Olsen who hates food, it’s definitely challenging a task.

So now I’m gonna have to replace my tasty-but-evil snacks. Project Skinny B*tch aka Thin-New-Me resumes! Goodbye pisang goreng! Goodbye curry puffs! *pout* I was never really a fan of yoghurt drinks… ‘till thisss came along. Saw it lingering along the refrigerated racks of my favourite place Le 7-11 and thought to myself, “Oooh what a cute name. How Shelbulous! I love to shine! So me!” So I picked up a mini bottle of Strawberry-Raspberry to give it a try and was blown away. Whoah serious yumness!! Not muak or too much at all. It’s the kind of drink that makes you go all happy and glowy internally and superficially. Hence the name Shine.. weee!!

When I was done with that bottle I decided to go get more. The frugal auntie in me immediately beeped ‘hypermarket-hypermarket’ so I drove over to that somewhat new TF Value-Mart. Supposedly I’d save on price EVERY time! Wahaha..

There them Shine-ing stars are. So regal-lho.

Hmm which flavour? Which flavour?

Do you know Shine has got a website: A darn charming one too. There was even a contest called ‘Project It Starts In Me’!!

We could deco hot-air balloons with our personal aspirations and stood a chance to win prizes worth up to RM55,000! That’s, like, so BIG fun right!! Reminds me off the time Sophiekins and I set balloons free with our secret wishes attached.

My aspiration was to have a blingin’ blog. Wahaha..! Don’t make too much sense? Well I really meant is that aid is always needed to make a blog shine.. be it a good story, a good cause to fight for or even kaching-kos for experiences. It would be so great to win stuff. I’d like to win an experience for a summer course in New York Parsons School of Design or a summer internship at Elle Magazine USA. Perhaps I should have made a new balloon for my passion for fashion!

Though the contest is closed let us all vote for our preferred finalist from Dec 01 – 28 by entering unique code numbers (valid for 2 votes y’all!!) and stand a chance to win RM9000 worth of shopping vouchers!! We can still be a winner and shine despite.. glee!

I’ve watched the videos and guess which is my favourite??
Guess!! Guess!! Guess-lah wei…

Hmm a book about a Malaysian student who have lived abroad and the funny anecdotes that happened along the way. Cute but I think my entries archives on my ‘wonderful’ life in Indon could perhaps be of more amusement. An image transforming workshop to build shine up? Whoah now if there’s one thing you lovely babydolls don’t know much is my VERY DORKY past. I metarmorphosized quite abit as well.. so it wasn’t, like, as if this image-transforming-bla-bla was something so new. Besides I don’t think you need to go to a workshop for this… just buy fashion magazines. Man the paintball chick’s got spunk!! Seriously. I mean there she is so subdued looking but I could sense the drive in her voice. I like the game (as in the competition) she brings to the table. Good budgeting too. I feel like I’m involved in some Malaysian version of the Mighty Ducks or something :D The children theatre girl didn’t express her dream! Or did she? Well my TI connection is crap so I can only view her video once (to give battery chance to the others) so if she didn’t reel me in the first time then well I’m sorry *shrug* The singer’s personality in the market is quite established already so she’s got a heads up already. But I’m not gonna spend RM15000 on an aspiring singer. She can join ‘One in a Million’ for that one and still contribute to charity. That magazine girl seems fun and edgy but don’t we already have too many magazines and half of them ain’t that good anyway. Could she be better? Like her faith though. I quite like the airport journal girl too. It seems a lil’ crazy to invest in a book on airport photography but hey I super support off-the-beaten track obsessions… she’s pretty convincing on the ‘use money to make money’. Good effort. OMG the flowers and herbs nursery is so cute! I would have loved to see a video of her would-be garden instead of a slideshow. But maybe she didn’t have a movie camera. I don’t understand the project of the multi-vision project thing on handicapped people. So she’s gonna use the money for…? The speech therapist is pretty convincing too. I like the fact that the money could go to a greater good.

After much deliberation, I say go AFZARINA. Vote for her OK babydolls!!

Well back to my Shine story, I ended up with a promo price saving twin bag with a gratis mini bottle. Gratis is so *bisou* worthy! Took the bag with Peach-Passion fruit sample ‘cos I am curious as to how it tastes like.

Counting calories.. 88 kCals for a mini bottle. Brilliant. Green Tea + Vitamin C = gladiator antioxidants. Fantastic. Mixed live cultures = gastrointestinal housekeeping. Super.

Opening the cap. That’s just an exaggeration of expression. It’s really quite easy to open.

Anticipating my first taste.

Hmm… tastes lovely! Peachy with a hint of Passion fruit..

Absolutely loving it so much that I’m sucking the remains off my lips!

0% fat but tastes so good. ME LIKES!

Peel of sticker on bottle cap…

Log onto

Key in unique code number entitled for TWO votes…

VOTE!! Because you can and because that person deserves a vote to win.

Feeling real Shine-y now.

Go get your Shine on now!

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