Sunday, December 07, 2008

shelbulous news

this Christmas...
Britney's back to being the Britney j'adore!! GLEE!!

MAC: Hello Kitty collection to come *hyperventilates*

Pink Christmas Trees! Pre-lit while at it :)
S.h.e.l.b.u.l.o.u.s oooh the flossy flossy!!

P.S., disclaimer: images courtesy of Glamour, Beauty Snob, Christmas Tree Forme


Ashley Two Fish said...

muahs muahs back to you! schweet of you to say hi via your blog. i like some of your wish list but where is da moneeeeey?!?!

shelbybaby said...

ashley2fish: da moneeeeey is hidden in a pot at the end of the rainbow. don't say i didn't share my financial secrets with you *wink*

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