Thursday, November 27, 2008

why didn't penang-ites tell me about this??

I would have gone to Penang and back for this!! Do let me know if it happens next year OK babydolls??
P.S., disclaimer: images courtesy of photographer


Harmony said...

The Hello Kitty is darn cute

Ashley Two Fish said...

this was in penang?!?! i'm not a fan but my baby niece is. i wanna bring her there...

ooh...thanks for visiting! have always enjoyed your blog. lift me up with ur humourous words

shelbybaby said...

harmony: totally!

ashley2fish: i wanna bring me there too. hopefully next year if it gets put up again, a penang-ite would tell me. moi so happy you enjoys mon blog. merci merci!!

Ashley Two Fish said...

if u hear news about it then let me know ya.

me wanna bring me niece there,
i think she'll hyperventilate,
oh wait, that's ok,
cuz dr shelby will be there!
(wow so smart, i rhyme too now) heheee

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