Sunday, November 02, 2008

where is the love?

And the hating continues...

This is very bizarre for me. A minute ago I am a nobody and now people can't stop telling me they hate me. I will need some time to adjust to all the mean. It's a free world of course and everyone has a right to like or dislike something. Even if it means being very hurtful while voicing it.

Just wanted to let medical students from UN-REAL universities know that you will face alot of these haters when you come into the working world. I should know, I face them everyday of my life. Don't let it falter your semangat and will to succeed OK... What the f*ck do they know? They know nothing of our perils. Some of you are actually sent there via scholarships... guess my 'former colleague' forgets that not EVERYBODY goes where we go by choice.

Ganbatte / Chiayou / Fighting!!


JunJun-Riko said...

another hater. >.<
forget bout them, i seriously think they've got nothing better to do.
I've even got a damn long post on haters too, with 50 comments left. XD
check it out if u want to.

4 a BeTTer W0r1d said...

they are just too free

shelbybaby said...

jun-jun: it's a relief to know that haters are a common phenomenon. this is new for me and i'm still slowly getting to grasp with it. thanks.c

4abettrwrld: thanks for the support.

Ian said...

OMG. Postings at 7 am in the morning? Don't you sleep? I think it was about 3 am when all of us left pelita.

Anyway.. Have some free clicks for your ads...


Ashleigh said...

Hey babe! Saw your blog through Nuffnang! I love your postings about the one on your ballet teacher. She's really mean. I think it's good you stopped ballet.

What's the point of being skinny and unhappy when you can be chubby and much happier, right? =D

Jordan said...

I'm a neutral on this.

I don't like what that hater of yours is doing,

and I don't quite like how u are handling it too.

Besides, jun jun is preety. XD ( seeing her picture just beside my comment box as im typing since she's the first person who left a comment here.

Which is not the point, my bad.

shelbybaby said...

ian: merci beaucoup ian! sleep? wat's sleep? doctors only have power naps.. :D

ashleigh: hello there :) thank you for the kind words. though don't get me wrong, i still wanna be thin just that it's not happening yet ahahaha!

jordan: frankly, even i don't know how to handle it... maybe there's no wrong or right way to deal with it but just to deal with it however one sees fit.

former colleague said...

Shelby, I don't hate you. I'm just taking the piss out of you because you're stupid. Period. I like taking the piss out of stupid people. Not that I have nothing to do. I have 8 published papers for a 27 year old, so taking the piss out of a fat biatch like you makes me happy. To illustrate how much I don't hate you, I have even fantasized about you:)
Might bump into you during your holidays;)

former colleague said...

To those crappy shithole house officers who graduated from your shithole universities ie Indonesia, Russia, Ukraine, Bangladesh, Romania etc, it doesn't matter how hard you work or suck up, you're still dumb. Good luck passing your professional exams because that's when money/sucking up would lose out to good ol' brains and talent. Oh, which was what you guys lacked in the first place.
And Shelby, you can pass on the message to those loser friends of yours

former colleague said...

Dear Shelby,
Sorry to tell you this but I was pressing your buttons as part of my thesis, "Online aggression, confrontation and expression amongst web loggers based on Piaget's extension of moral understanding." In no way have I actually meant those things I have written about you nor those whom I have made derogatory references to. I hope you would give me permission to use what I have illustrated as examples in my paper, without any actual reference to your blog (and no one would know it was from yours) as yours is amongst one of the 50 blogs which I have posted such comments.
If you do give me your permission, I would be honored and you would receive a copy of my completed paper once it is published.
I apologize for any emotional distress it has caused.

PS: If you read my postings carefully, in no way were there any specific references to your work, they were all general, the bit about you studying in Indonesia was derived from reading your own blog. Never have I worked with you nor come into any contact with you. I'm sure you're a great doctor:-)

shelbybaby said...

former c: ... (i don't know what to say. i'm flabbergasted). but in the name of science, i permit you to use the illustrations as examples for your thesis. you can email me your finished paper. for a person who supposedly did NOT meant those things written about me / whom you have made derogatory references to, it sure sounds like you've got a personal vendetta against all of us. safe to say, you're not high up my 'ppl i like' pyramid. and if you do bump into me on my hols, please just say hi or something and not,like, stare at me: putting me in a weird and uncomfortable position.

last words of wisdom: i seriously got punked y'all..!

now i'm totally looking fwd to bali. all the 'hate' really f*cked me up big time. thank goodness for beaches.

former colleague said...

Thanks Shelby. I'm sure you'll like the real me in person. Am a fantastic MO (as what I have gathered from my HOs)
And no, I will not bump into you. I'm based in KL, btw.
Enjoy your holidays and sorry for the trauma:)

shelbybaby said...

former c: you owe me that MANY drinks needed to wipe out the bad bad explicit memory from my hippocampus.

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