Friday, November 21, 2008

very belated blog b'day dinner

Since my colleagues couldn't make it for my smashing party back home I figured it's only fair for us to sorta celebrate and have a dinner thing together. These are one of my favourite people at work :)

L-R: moi Dr Shelbulous, Dr Miss ProPro, Dr Miss LeeLee, Dr Ah Derj

We went to Al Fresco, the ONLY Italian restaurant in TI with an OK cosy posh ambience and cocktails. TI people calls Mojito 'mo-jee-torr' ;D

We're in different departments now so there was alot of catching up to do.

Miss LeeLee and I 'live' together. But since she's a local TI-er I get my room to myself which totally rocks!!

They got my blog a cake too: Tiramisu to be exact from, like, the only *bisou* worthy bakery in town: Just To Eat. They're sweethearts, non?

And they sang out ALOUD a birthday song for my blog! I was mortified!

My favourite married colleague couple! Ah Derj and I are planning to take up diving together soon. Miss ProPro's afraid of open waters. We can talk about work AND fish... totally diverse topic of conversations right??

Birthdays are always so fun!

I made a wish. But Ah Derj TOTALLY read my mind and guessed my wish out first try. Yalor it was for more blog traffic so now tak jadi already the wish :P

Cake *bisou*

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