Sunday, November 09, 2008

uma sapna

"My OWN private villa. Just the way I like it."

That’s their maxim. And indeed it was everything as promised *sunshine smile*

As the concierge brought me to my unit, I was surprised to see a pool in the place of what I presumed would be a jacuzzi / hot tub (which was what I had reserved prior). My bewildered expression provoked explanation. I was surprised with a complimentary upgrade!! OMG!! It's, like, my prayers got answered! This was a dream holiday coming true.. weird 'cos good things hardly ever happen to me.

I believe this is what heaven must look like. Or could this be better?

I waited for the villa staff to leave me to my own presence before breaking out into my happy celebration dance!! I shrieked silently and shook my tail-feather! Then I hopped *boing boing boing* in glee. Weeeee!!

Daybed! My favourite!! This is where I sit post-breakfast sipping on green tea and flipping through fashion magazines. Me princess.. in kingdom of tropical wonderland :)

Here we have what I call the courtyard ‘cos I really like that word.

This is the living space. I don’t really venture here much except to switch the tele or radio on.

Flowers on my bed. Sweet. Mirror on my bed. Naughty.

I love the dual sink. I use them alternately... wahaha.

They even got a special room so your stinky-poo don't pollute the room. Genius!

Marble shower rocks! I sing out loud while taking long hot showers here. It’s lovely to see trees just outside your window and sun rays shining in as you scrub your toes.

Ever so often I promptly jump into my bikini and cowabunga(!) into…

…my OWN pool. No, I’ll never get tired of saying this :P

Just the way I like it.

*splash splash*

Breakfast is served every morning, at time of choice, overlooking quietude.

Digging in.


Gustav invites me to join him for a tan.

The idiot says I look like an albino dugong here. I pinched his ass kuat-kuat. What he knows? He's a pink hippo for crying out loud!

Can’t resist the pool.

Uma Sapna I love you :)

P.S: Should you intend to have the Uma Sapna experience, let them know you are a referral and they will take good care of you.

Uma Sapna
Jl Drupadi No.20xx
Basangkasa, Seminyak
Tel: +62 361 736628


Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

wah so nice... i want go also.. bring me along ma! haha..

tyoriginal said...

*salute* for having d strength to go on a holiday alone. And strength as in, bravery but I don't know how to phrase it =/

Anyhow, seems like you enjoyed yourself! and Bali does that to people.. makes them enjoy themseleves I mean.


♥ м裏.jëиz said...


'albino dugong' is funny.


shelbybaby said...

crazyfool: *giggle* i'll bring you if you can fit into a luggage bag and not breathe for 2 hours! ;D

tyorig: it did get awkward at times but in a sense liberating and rebellious. still now when i think about it, company would have been a luxury. but you are right, it's magical how bali just makes ppl enjoy themselves!

missjenz: yea that bloody gustav! who he think he is hor calling me that?

LIZZIE said...

Notty Pink Hippo that Gustav is!

Wow, I remember seeing this place in some magazine before. Those plants nearby the pool was a dead giveaway.

This is just such a beautiful getaway. The bed is interesting.. *Ahem* But since you Mum put a "No Nottyness allowed", I guess the bed can't be put to much use.. :P

Ahhh.. The daybed! The daybed! No wonder u recommended it..


YANZ said...

hi, come here through your very very cool feature blogger post on nuffnang =D

would you like to exchange links? =)

shelbybaby said...

lizzie: let me repeat... 'the daybed! the daybed!'.. those 4 words sums it all up :)

yanz: i'll hook you up soon babydoll!

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