Sunday, November 09, 2008

hard rock hotel bali

The Hard Rock Hotel experience.

Like I said, I've always wanted to stay in Hard Rock Hotel. This desire is, like, 6 years old! Supposedly they've got everything animated down to the nail. Supposedly.

I was very confused with the layout of the hotel at first ‘cos their concierge / front desk were at the side of the entrance with no waiting lounge in front of it. It was modeled after airport check-in counters which is very different and cool. You do get a lot of perks from staying at Hard Rock Hotel though, like discount vouchers of hotel services, i.e recording your own cd / spa / surf lessons etc… you get the gist right. I didn't use any of it ‘cos didn't have time-lah.

I have to admit, apart from the great location and exuberant entertainment facilities the room was quite a letdown. Hmm.. whatever happened to the fun pillowcases and lyrical bed sheets I read of?? Noticed a sign on the bedside table that mentioned something about guests having to replace badly stained sheets due to cheap temporary tattoos.

How disappointing!! Crap if I knew that I was gonna be sleeping in regular white sheets I could have stayed in other regular hotels-leh. Damn it! It’s actually a very basic room. The best part of the room is the daybed that is really nice for fornication as mentioned. There are, though, afew lingering evidence of what used to be, i.e.:

… these ‘It’s Been a ard Day’s Night… Goodnight baby’ lamps.

… and John Lennon / Dave Edmunds lyrics on hanging door messages.

… as well as Ian’s Venus shower gel.

Feelin’ like Venus in the bath…

… can watch abit of tele while soaking but I forgot to bring my glasses in so all I saw was some blurry images and MTV VJ voices.

My room is the Dave Grohl room (alternative theme. They've got 2 other themes: Pop and Psychedelic). Made a mistake not first requesting for a Pop room. Damn it! But OK-lah I don’t mind Monsieur de Grohl.

Went for dinner at Sky Lounge (previous post) and got tipsy. Weee!!

Didn’t really know how to spend the rest of the night. Could not decide whether to adjourn to other pubs / lounges or go clubbing. I was of course pretty paranoid about my safety being a single girl alone in an alien city and drinking(!!). Decided to check out ‘Girls Night Out’ at Hard Rock’s Centrestage. The promotion poster seems very haps (haps: wahaha that’s what Ah Chee would say. I would never, on a normal basis). Besides it’s closer to my mother-ship so in any case I do end up in a drunken stupor, I would still be able to find my way home. Which of course will not happen since I’m such a hau-soon lil’ b*tch. Dear ole Mmmy paid me a last minute phonecall amidst my journey to the airport:

(conversation)Mmmy: So going for holiday hor?moi: Yup. [She already knows I’m going to Bali apa… what kinda statement is that?]Mmmy: Going with anybody?
moi: Nope. [Again, this lady already knows I’m going solo… again, what kinda statement is that?]
Mmmy: Must be careful OK. Jaga your things. Jaga yourself.
moi: Yes-lah Mmmy…
Mmmy: And uh… don’t uh… do funny funny things Ayo I already promise last time I won’t bungee jump anymore. One time enough already mah.Mmmy: No no.. not that… remember yah you wanna get married one day, don’t do anything that you will Oh. THAT. Yes-lah… *weirded out by this conversation* Ayo what you think I’m gonna do??Mmmy: No… I’m just saying only…

So gotta follow boss’ orders-lor. Yes I’m quite the filial child. Silakan contohi-lah saya *guffaws*

Back to HRHotel…

Damn the house band is fantastic!! Champion siut. They’re called X-Cite I think and their show seriously got power :D I totally enjoyed myself.

Also there were bar-top dancers (is that what they’re called??) in mischievously skimpy costumes [oh you know I love ‘em costumes!] which totally fueled the excitement. ME LIKES!!

OMG never a dull moment at ‘Girls Night out! Next up was the fire act! OK-lah it wasn’t as if ‘twas Cirque de Soleil or anything but really good efforts for trying and having such an atypical show. Sugoi ne!

AYO just as I thought things could not get more unusual… out comes the boys in PVC S+M suit!! OMGGGGG!! I AM SO LOVIN’ THISSSSS!!

Wait for it: MAN then they start grazing their belly with an electric saw-like apparatus producing sparks. That was DA BOMB MAN. SERIOUS. It's, like, freakin' Vegas in 'ere... in 1 blimin' night :D

There was this middle-age Indian couple totally enjoying themselves and letting loose at the bar. They even brought their (9 year-old?) daughter. I mean these people are so parental looking… the sort who spends Sundays in Carrefour and Daddy’s job definitely has got something to do with computers. Watching them just rocking out made me so happy. We may find it weird but for everyone who’s now old lies a hippy / rocker youth. Those 2 were probably rocker cum social outcasts who grew up to be successful and responsible citizens. We all grow up apa. Anyway I really felt like X-Cite relighted their old metal fire ‘cos these people were belting out Metallica / Guns N Roses / etc… I mean I was “Oh man.. not November Rain… More Britney! More Britney!” And there they were knock, knock, knocking on heaven’s door! Even Mommy got extra excited with the bar dancers and band act.

They give me hope. Hope that I will find a man who can laugh / sing / rock out with me yet reaches over and kisses my hand even though this super sexy Indon chick is dancing on the table top just a couple of inches away. That plus Daddy turns to daughter and explains to her the significance of The Final Countdown. That’s so insane. I hope to be just like ‘em when I get married!

The next morning I ate my breakfast overlooking the pool…

… beach volley site…

… and cabanas :)

After that I went to look at their guitar display.

I only know Sheila On 7.

The Beatles tell the truth. I love them. I once wrote a paper on them. I still have a pending project on them. All we need is love.

Gustav wanted to learn surfing but he’s allergic to sea water.

A really big amp and a really big guitar.


Pimped-up-blinged-out-guitar and more Beatles memorabilia.

My first Bali souvenir: my very own Hard Rock Hotel Bali pillow cover. Yup the one I read about. Apparently only available for sale. Maybe ‘cos people kept stealing them. I got the ‘Are You Lonesome Tonight’ and ‘Some Come To Remember Some Come To Forget’. I came to forget.

Me finally claiming my welcome drink: Bintang beer AND waiting for my ride to the villa.

Jalan Pantai
Banjar Pande Mas
Tel: +62 361 761 869
Fax: +62 361 761 868
Rooms Reservations:

This is my groupie look. Off to villa now..

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TNH said...

this seem lke a resort..the pool look nice...

shelbybaby said...

tnh: yea the pool's massive. too bad i didn't have time to have a quick dip in it :(

albie said...

"Mmmy: No no.. not that… remember yah you wanna get married one day, don’t do anything that you will regret."


shelbybaby said...

albie: *giggle*

Max mickle said...

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Hard Rock Hotel in Bali carries a signature of infinite energy, unmatched creativity and quality service which makes it quite distinctive from the rest. With 40 years of rock and roll traditions, the Hard Rock Hotel in Bali is an ideal destination to lodge in.

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