Saturday, November 08, 2008

shelbybaby go bali day 01

So why the hush-hush secret and all?

I needed to breakaway. From everything.

Initially the plan was to go in a big party of 7 (or more)... but with people comes compromise and lots and lots of schedule synchronization which I absolutely detested! I almost needed another holiday to recover from planning one :P

Being the solitude-loving person that I am, I decided to "Ayia heck it all! I go myself!". With that everything just became so darn easy 'cos I could stay where I want to stay, eat where I want to eat and most importantly do the things that I want to do: nothing! Bali became a tailor-made holiday just for me! I really wanted my OWN pool just like what Kinky Blue Fairy had at Bora Bora (yes I am an avid reader of her blog. I think she's brilliant!). But travelling sans company made it rather laborious trying to find a villa at approximately US$100 (it's all I could afford being alone and all) in Seminyak which offers personalized pools. Somehow or rather as I went through sites and sites of villas / hotels, I found one which was quite what I was looking for. My budget could only afford me a private spa pool which I presume to be like a jacuzzi or something but it was very close to having my OWN pool.

Another problem arose: they were fully occupied on my first day of stay. Ayo. So I figured I'd do a night at Kuta to see what the town had to offer. People used to tell me Kuta this and Kuta that. It has been a very very long-time desire of mine (and Miss KosKos) to stay at Hard Rock Hotel Bali. I had read about the novelty of staying in Hard Rock Hotel in a magazine about 6 years ago. It sounded so fun and hilarious. We used to plan imaginary trips there and make lists of things-to-buy as well as the surfing lessons we'd take up. My my the good ole young days :) I may not be thaaat young anymore but my spirit still is.. so as to satisfy my curiosity I booked my first night there-loh.

Yes, I flew that.

They were economy promo tickets but still not, like, super cheap or anything. Besides they were crappy timing - 15:00 afternoon, so it's sorta like a wasted day.. which also became an issue during the initial group hols business. But that timing was good for me 'cos I had just driven back from TI the night before and could use a longer resting time.

Did you know it's been 9 months since I left Bandung for good? When I was looking for my check-in counter at the departure signboard, my mind went on autopilot and I almost walked to the Bandung counter. Old trauma :)

It feels bizarre going to unchartered territories all by myself. Yet there's tingle of excitement out of anticipation as to get away from it all: work, social trigonometry, the departure of my favourite MO, supposed hate...

Got some kinda weird miscommunication with transportation and I ended up waiting for my overpriced ride (hotel transfer) for 30 bloody minutes! The driver wrote my name on a piece of paper in pink fluoroscent marker. Ayo.. how-lah to read?? Some more had to walk to the car lagi... not pick-up! WTF. Not really getting, like, super good vibe from HRHotel already..

The drive to the hotel seemed familiar. I really felt like I was back in Bandung-lor except there were tons of Mak Sallehs (Causasians) everywhere making it seem like an Asian Ayia Napa. I love it!

I dumped my things and headed to town. Was deciding to eat between...

Maccaroni Club
Maccaroni Club
Jalan Legian No. 52
Bali 80361
Tel: +62 361 75 4662
Opens 09:00-02:00 daily

or Sky Garden. Chose this instead.
Jl Legian 61
Bali 80361
Tel: +62 0361 756362

Sitting at a 10 pax seating area alone opposite a 10 pax crowd of angmohs is quite abit embarassing with a dash of liberation *wink* Basically Sky Garden's a lounge situated top most of the ESC food company. It overlooks the Legian street so you can sip your Mojito while watching life going by.

They make killer martinis. I had a Cranberry-Vanilla-Spice (with cinammon stick). Yum!

Black polka-dot dress: Forever21, faux snakeskin belt: half off at Aldo

I'm quite overdressed. Everyone looks like they just got back from the beach(!!) of which I'm sure they did. I can't wait to go to the beach!

Someone somewhere is trying to tell me something. Wahaha..!

Off to HRH for 'Girls Night Out'... in my next pose!


the cili padi doctor said...

hey ya...congrats on being chosen as the nuffnanger of the month!

wow,i'm so excited for u. so izzit gonna be a huge lift in ur quest to become a celebrity?

btw, wat a coincidence! I just came back from a trip to Yunnan China as well. see u in TI soon. :-P

shelbybaby said...

cilipadidr: wahaha was hoping for a huge lift but not realy-lah.. still it paves more path to celeb-hood so i have nothing but praises for nfng. thank you for d well wishes!

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