Wednesday, November 26, 2008

bali: laksamana lovelies

One of the very pleasant moments I had in Bali was strolling down Jalan Laksamana and browsing through the many Seminyak chic cafes, galleries and boutiques.

I started out at I LOVE BALI ‘cos this dress was a showstopper and I had to have it. And bought it I did. The very pleasant and cute shop girl is Kadek Sri (do send my *bisou* if you go visit her shop) and all the charming dresses / tops / skirts are made in Bali. It’s a really tiny shop which really doesn’t do it any justice from the outside but inside you’ll find worldly treasures and the pleasure of hanging your clothes on their star-shaped hook-hangers. The most bizarre but enchanting quality of this place is that there’s a tree growing right in the middle of the pretty chaos! Not forgetting the frog outside..! I LOVE I LOVE BALI. Seriously. If I didn’t have a budget constraint I would’ve bought everything in the shop :)

I LOVE BALIJl Laksamana
Oberoi, Seminyak


Just flanking my favourite shop is this jubilant place selling sterling silver accessories. Look at it’s sign… it’s like an entrance into Wonderland! I have heard of Joy… something about it being loved by Beyonce. Discovering Joy brought me joy. Lame but true. I love the bracelets especially but boy were they steep in price. I chose a skinny bracelet (all I could afford!) with a four-leaf-clover with engraved ‘Luck’, ‘Love’, ‘Faith’ and ‘Joy’ on each petal.

Joy Jewellery (Sterling Silver)
Jalan Oberoi 41
Seminyak Bali
Tel: +62 81 8345015

It began to pour just as I got started so I sought refuge at this corner tuck shop just opposite I LOVE BALI and Joy with the most amazing wall print. I actually noticed the wall print before I noticed the café. It just pops y’know. I ordered a hearty food muffin and watched the rain trickle down rooftops. The food price is affordable and delish + it’s just perfect a brunch place to read the Sunday papers. What am I saying? Everyday’s a Sunday in Bali!

The Cornerstore
Jl Laksamana 10A
Taman Sari, Seminyak
Tel: +62 361 730276

Lulu’s window display was da bomb! Just ‘cos I can’t afford them threads (yet) don’t mean I can’t try ‘em on. Cutes hor? The style’s so quintessentially Indon.

Stumbled upon a Murakami in Bali *beams* Made my day!

If you read Indon magazines (as I have in the past) you will notice many of their clothes feature come from this local high-street label Body + Soul. I found an interesting piece dé résistance that appeared abit bizarre when I first put it on… ‘twas a come across between a kaftan and a sarung. But add a belt and voila: J Lopez y’all!

Body And Soul
Seminyak Square Unit A7-8
Jl Laksamana
Oberoi, Seminyak
Tel: +62 361 736439

I keep going into cafés with kick-ass walls. Earth Café is no exception. I stood in front of their wall for the longest time… just taking the wall in… and noticing the spelling mistake in committed. After what seems like forever loitering about in front of their café, I felt quite obliged to ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-check it out to see wh-wh-wh-what’s it all about. The food’s no good but it was a quirky place to see hippies, animal activists and vegan planet people going in and out the door. With my alco binge I decided to go for the Bali Boost 'cos I'm in Bali and I need a boost. It was umm… an interesting drink. And when I say interesting I mean unwelcoming to my taste buds. Still… you should go if you’re into yoga and macrobiotic.

Earth CaféJl Laksamana Oberoi 99
Seminyak, Kuta
80361 Bali
Tel: +62 361 736645

You know the feeling you get when you’re on the plane and reflections of your trip starts a slideshow in your brain and you pause at a certain picture and go “Oh man… regret didn’t buy that!!” Well this is one of those moments. I seriously regret not buying a butterfly mirror. Why?? Why?? Why didn’t I????? Stupid stupid stupid.

Control not?? Control-leh… an absolutely perfect example of exertion of good self-control in the retail department. I’m so proud myself *tear*

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Applegal said...

OMG, I so wanna go shopping in Bali NOW!

My bf told me that there's no shopping to be done in Bali, I'm going to prove him wrong!!

shelbybaby said...

applegal: *giggle* if there's one thing i know.. there's no such thing as 'no shopping to be done' anywhere!!

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing. will go shopping tomorrow :-)!!

shelbybaby said...

anon: you're super welcome. hope you have truckloadsa fun with retail therapy! :D

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