Friday, November 07, 2008

good morning bali

It’s a lovely 8 in the am and I had just been served breakfast (yea you heard me right… served as in ding-dong doorbell.. me wakes up and puts on robe in a flurry.. gets to door.. opens door.. nice waiter brings food in trays.. lays out nicely on my courtyard table.. voila breakfast!!) opposite my OWN pool. Seriously, I’m still coming to terms with having my OWN pool. Did I tell y’all I got a complimentary room upgrade?? Yup. Nice huh? The water looks enticing and I will go for a swim soon. I go into the pool at least twice a day.. it’s so fuss-free, you just walk 9 steps across the garden and jump in! I can’t remember the English name for bunga kemboja but what matters is that the many trees that surround the pool and garden creates an instant flower bath (or floral deco in terms of garden) when the flowers gugur into the water. Genius right??

See my OWN pool..! Lovin' the word OWN :)

I have since relocated to the flanking daybed and am writing in my bikini (this happens very rarely which is why it's worth a note) engulfed in perhaps the best environment I have ever written in.

So this is what Ah Ry meant when he spoke of beach-bumming topping off with mountains of lazing around. I cannot believe I’m saying this but indeed I am now a beach-bum convert!! And I’m addicted to Bali. If Miss YinYin claims stake of Bangkok being her place… I am claiming Bali. I did not think I would have this much fun and serenity.

I haven’t really gone to the beach. I mean I did touch sand and water yesterday but the waves were so scary I didn’t stick around long. Bummed on Ku de Ta’s daybed all evening instead. F*cking hell, I love daybeds!! Besides my villa has created such a safe haven I find no need to leave my sanctuary.

Now I’m going to read a magazine on my (did I mention? yet): daybed. After that I’m going to get dressed and hit the Seminyak shops and hopefully not get lured into buying MORE STUFF. I didn’t buy a lot this trip: it’s called self-control plus my house has got too much junk as it is. Also I’m going to find that spa / massage parlour called Jari Menari featured in Time Magazine. Time Magazine. Whoah right.

Bali *bisou*

Dunno why but everyone in Bali wears flowers in their hair like it's some kinda Summer hols / Cruise collection / island / tropical style prerequisite. Keke I can't help but terikut-ikut.

P.S: Picture croppings are taking forever! Sorry! I just get distracted way too easily…


LIZZIE said...


I wan the pool.. I wan the pool..


Michelle May said...

Hey, loves ur blog, and was planning for a "ruanaway" to Bali too... If you don't mind me asking, which hotel did u live in??? It's so heavenly with the private pool and all! Thanks!!


shelbybaby said...

lizzie: wahaha quick go build 1 in ur backyard... or just go to bali :)

michellem: will put a post up on the villa very soon.. look out for it!

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