Sunday, November 16, 2008

dancing with the dolphins

Apart from the villa, the other Bali agenda was to go play with the dolphins. Initially I had intended to go to Melka, as many did before me, but I spotted a brochure of a place a lil’ off Denpasar and gave that a try instead. The fee is double Melka’s at US$76 (according to daily rate exchange) but we are offered a 40 minutes session instead. It really amounts to the same, sort of, except I figured I didn’t need to go all the way to Lovina.

I have to say the de-perks of travelling solo are that you’ve gotta try saving on transport (no splitting) and bear activity costs all on your own.

We’re at a mangrove-y area. Must be saltwater mangroves ‘cos if not, how could the dolphins survive, non? Fun to see a fisherman playing with his son in the morning… the essential kampung life :)

Big boats. Small boats.

As we waited for some other participants to arrive…

… fishermen were unloading their morning catch.

Time to go!

Sun is in the sky oh why oh why...
Would I wanna be anywhere else?
Sun is in the sky oh why oh why..
Would I wanna be anywhere else?

… LDN, Lily Allen …

I seriously felt my lifejacket was a size too big for me. And I made my opinion heard but the guide insisted it was appropriate. Yes-lah, I know I’m FAT but I’m drowning in this thing. See!

If I was a fisherman, that would probably be me.

I was expecting to be chartered to a swimming pool-like enclosed area but apparently it’s gonna be just here.. like this: very au naturel ambience.

My first dolphin sighting! *palpitation*

*gasp* I can’t even begin to describe my exhilaration in anticipation of being in such close proximity with the mammals!

You know you’re in deep waters when the regular fish that swim about you are the sort you see in dive books or Finding Nemo.

Dragonfly flies. Bird flies. Dolphin flies.

Dolphins performing hello jumps for us. So majestic right? I find this shot stunning. I can’t believe I managed to catch it on film :)

As you can clearly see: drowning in my life jacket!! I’ve gotta hold it close to keep it from slipping above me-leh. That’s a fishy kiss right there y’all! The beak’s really hard: that’s its weapon. Did you know when a dolphin and shark fight, sometimes the dolphin wins??

Murthi is a 14 year old male dolphin (which is probably like 50 years old(??) in homo sapien age) weighing at 140 kg. I decided I’d do some heavy-weight lifting and work ‘em biceps!!

It was surreal being in contact with a being of ancestors 10 million years ago! I was abit dismayed that Murthi gave me brief pecks but gave this Greek guy bloody long kisses. Later the guide told us Murthi’s abit of a guy-lover. Wahaha a queer porpoise! Hilarious!

Dddy is adamant dolphins are aliens from outer space that got trapped in earth due to some communication / transportation fluke. They are so intelligent and agile. It’s just that I’m so used to fish being, well, fish. All they do is swim around and open their mouths sometimes. This one does tricks. It’s outta-this-world!

Many of you asked me how it felt touching a dolphin. It’s long, smooth sometimes slimy… oh uh.. with a tendency to be slippery. It also reeks of fish. Hmm I know something else that fits that description, and you don’t need to touch Bali waters for that ;P

What’s absolutely odd about dolphins is that they’re so much like dogs but they’re really fishes! They can play fetch, make interactive noises, nuzzle, love treats and even fhat-pei-hei (get all moody) but again, they’re fishes! Have you ever seen a garoupa wantin’ love?? No.
It’s just so freaking supernatural!

Wah my hand quite tanned... *chuckles* rhymes! Murthi saved the last tango for me. See that smile… that’s sheer happiness for you right there!

*pat pat*

some ppl believe dolphins take a person's soul when they die to heaven
Sophiekins: cnt rmbr where I heard that
moi: wat??
Sophiekins: make a wish n stuff. think they understand more than you think
moi: waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
moi: u kno me sucker for tis kinda shit
Sophiekins: think of south park's willzyx
Sophiekins: and dont believe too much if they talk to you
moi: rite rite
moi: totally

I told Murthi my secret wish. I think he comprehends. I’m so happy. I know why people love dolphins now.. it’s, like, I was touched by an angel.

P.S: My darling readers, did you know that many a time dolphins get trapped in tuna nets and fishermen are just wayyy too ignorant / couldn’t be bothered / tidak apa attitude to ensure or avoid that from happening. Please make sure the tuna you eat is dolphin-friendly OK. Of course we can’t be too sure if the tuna is seriously dolphin-friendly or not but it IS a step.. or at least it is something we CAN choose to do.

P.P.S: Will load in a brief video soon babydolls!! You’ll love it!


Horizon said...

Dolphins are cute. But for me, Dolphins are like shark except their mouth look different and they're not so violence.

WoMbOk™♂ said...

Now I def. want to go to Bali :) Dolphins are way adorable.

shelbybaby said...

horizon: wahaha... cannot say liddat. dolphins warm-blooded. sharks cold. diff diff.

wombok: righttt?? like hell yea you should go :D

just apple said...

i wan dolphins too!

shelbybaby said...

justapple: and you should :)

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