Sunday, November 09, 2008

dancing with the dolphins: exclusive spoiler

Come back soon babydolls!
P.S: *sigh* So malas to start work Monday. Back to life. Back to reality.


TNH said...

wow, how's the feel to touch a dolphin?

alien said...

how the feel?
is it soft?
is the dolphin smell fishy?

ahmad said...

dolphin = best....

do dolphin bite?

angie said...

hey!! i was looking at nuffnang... and saw 1 of your photos (the docs makeover). farah's my ex-hi-skoo-mate :) how smal is this world huh?

(_.·´¯`·×» CANDYFLING said...

oohh..the pic is cute. me?? a model?? no...use to. no more. am a photographer actually..

JUST A HOBBY TO KILL TIME. a law student actually. but i love your modeling pics though.

Anonymous said...

Wau!love this do u get to swim with the dolphin?,"wan shen"

shelbybaby said...

tnh: it was seriously super bizarre. i'll put the post up soon. very slippery.. heehee!

alien: smooth, quite soft and VERY VERY fishy. Smells like a really big piece of tuna in the fish market.

ahmad: they don't bite on purpose i think but i was too afraid to put my hand into the mouth during one of the tricks... *gulp*

angie: it's a small world after all *giggle*

candyfling: my modelling pics? wahaha i am seriously flattered! never thought i could be modelesque(??)... but yeayyyy!!

wshen: i'll be putting up a post on it soon... look out for it :)

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