Tuesday, November 11, 2008

the beach and that lychee martini

This is the very famous KudeTa. Very very famous KudeTa.

"Hip hip
Hip hip
When you're on a holiday
You can't find the words to say
All the things that come to you
And I wanna feel it too
On an island in the sun
We'll be playing and having fun
And it makes me feel so fine
I can't control my brain..."
... Island In The Sun, Weezer ...

If you wish for a closer contact with the sea you could opt for lounge chairs just within outskirts of KDT.

Or you could do it like me and lie very Cleopatra-ly on KDT’s daybed-made-for-3. I did not get the best seats but they’re lovely nonetheless.

I am watching the waves crash towards the shore: ferocious. Seriously. I just tested the water moments agoand it almst dragged me in. Dddy calls it the water ghost. I call it force of nature. But really, I’m a heavy person (no need for details but really, like SACKS OF POTATOES kinda heavy) but even I almost lost my footing so you can imagine..

The surfers are enjoying the rip curl…

People around me are lazing / reading / napping / chatting. I am too AND enjoying a Pineapple + Blackpepper Martini with fried chicken. Heehee. I was hoping to try their Burnt Lemon Margarita but a lot of the good stuff were out due to severe alcoholic deficit on the island. Woot..

Just as I was dozing off in the sunshine, I saw a nautical being bobbing up and down and up and down the horizon and thought to myself… what a cheerful ship. It’s not a ship. It was actually a KITE!! Yea a kite ship!! Kite ship!! OMG now I so regret not buying it… ‘twas such novelty to watch it in action against the background of the ocean *grin*

This drink is magical: Cranberry + Rose Foam. It’s Gustav’s absolute favourite. For a masculine hippo, his choice of cocktails are super sissy.

So this is what relaxing is. I felt abit uneasy at first ‘cos I’m such a go-go-go person but I have to admit I am slowly adjusting oh-so-very-well into the slower pace of life. Refreshing really.

9, Jl Laksamana
Tel: +62 361 736969

(conversation at numerous cafes / restaurants in Bali)
moi: Table for one please.
Waiter/ress: For ONE??
moi: For one.
Waiter/ress: For one??
moi: For one.
Waiter/ress: Oh. For one.
moi: Yup. [I said it, like, 3 times..]
Waiter/ress: Oh sure, this way..

This ping-pong conversation happens ALOT.

Lovin’ Hu’u Bar. I almost did not get a place because the place is tremendously packed. I almost got ‘shoved’ into some unknown corner table but Desak, the super lovely waitress, was very kind to somehow find and point out a floor seat which overlooks the pool and entire dining area. Exquisite hor?

If you intend to get a good seat, do not hesitate to make a reservation OK. A personal recommendation of mine is the ever popular cushion seatings at the garden. So dreamy.

This is the mirror image of my table. If you get tired of looking around, you can watch the chefs at work in the bustling kitchen.

The service is excellent. The lychee martini is dangerous.

"She's so dangerous
That girl is so dangerous
That girl...
Is a bad girl, yeah
I've seen her type before..."

... Dangerous, Akon feat Kardinal Offishal ...

I kept having glasses and glasses of them. Anymore I would have run out of budget! Don’t think I would want to spend the rest of the night (or more!!) scrubbing the pool tiles. Told you they were perilous! Did you know that Hu’u Bar was the original creator of the lychee martini?? This is where it all began…

I got a complimentary starter from the chef! I’m guessing this is the one..? So Shelbulous right?? I was ecstatic.. being a lone (but hot *wink* wahaha) traveler has its hidden perks.

Couldn’t really camera-whore myself alot ‘cos it seems as if the places of my choice are rather well-behaved adult dining venues. Can I really be catching up with my age??
Then again not: I want that disco ball!

Hu’u Bar
Jl Oberoi, Peti Tenget
Kerobokan, Kuta 80361
Tel: +62 361 736443

P.S: My pictures does not do the places justice.


LIZZIE said...

Girl, trade links can?


shelbybaby said...

Lizzie: babygirl, i already linked you up before you mentioned! didn't you notice? *wink*

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