Tuesday, November 25, 2008

the bali no-nos

For every pro there is a con. Bali is no exception.

Kafe Warisan: “savour internationally renowned French Mediterranean cuisine overlooking the verdant rice fields of Seminyak with reputation of being Bali’s best restaurant” wor. Or so it says.

I sooo beg to differ. I’ve read a couple of articles on this place claiming it to be the cutest French restaurant ever. So imagine my disappointment when all there is is this tangerine building with crummy flooring and mediocre furnishing. Tres ugh. And the food is so bloody average that only the passion fruit martini is worth a note. The rice fields ain’t something to shout about either… yea so there’re storks. I got storks in TI too so that isn’t something to gape about. Also I was rather irritated by this farming contraption that works by twirling against the and making clanging noise to ward off birds. It was not possible to phase out with shrills of “DONG DONG DONG!!” ringing in your ears. WTF? Unless you’ve got mountains of cash to kill don’t bother coming ‘ere.

Jl Raya Kerobokan 38
Br. Taman
Kuta, Bali
Tel: +62 361 731175

Another stupid place is Jari Menari (dancing fingers): “Bali’s best massage”

OMG this place conned my freaking 250,000rp. That’s TWO tensing and tiring freaking on-calls OK. And you thought a massage is supposed to take you away from it all. Lagi stress aja bikinnya. It’s an all-male masseuse team so if you’re abit shy-shy it can get very uncomfortable and almost embarrassing. I’m sure they’re, like, all professional and are used to seeing a million and one female anatomies but it’s still weird to me. The last time I had gotten a massage from a male counterpart I was fully decked in clothes with an additional towel in between his hands and my body and even that was kinda cringe-y for me. I am quite a massage connoisseur. I have been to many massages so I know what’s good. I was expecting a lot of finger actions, i.e. kneading, squeezing, gripping considering the name of the place is dancing fingers but all I got was lots of oil slathered over my body and some palm and the back of lower arm action.. in other words: an oil rub! WTF?? I could give myself better action!! And I don’t cost that much! I didn’t even feel like I had a massage in the end. It was such a let-down. Did TIME magazine and whoever else even went for a freaking session with them?? ‘Cos seriously their reviews are highly misleading. Bad bad place.

Jari Menari
Jl Raya Basangkasa #47
Seminyak Bali
Tel: +62 361 736740

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