Sunday, October 05, 2008

how raya was spent

(very late entry: 01.10.08)

So this is how I spent my first day of Raya.

Woke up really really late after a night of drinking with Miss ChongChong and her business partners. They’re mostly bankers and lawyers. It was a different type of crowd… very uh… masculine perhaps? The major male population that I am acquainted with are doctors and they’re mainly pretty soft-spoken. Which is quite natural as noone could ever agree to a gruff doctor. These people on the other hand were crude and unforgiving. Relentless and passionate. I’m hardly exposed to people like them… definitely a different world. A world that beguiles me.

So anywayyyys Raya. Right.

Did nothing in the morning except chuckle at who Superpoked on Facebook me and how they did it. In the afternoon I was itching to go out so I grabbed my keys and headed to the door. The parentals were watching Korean soap (Mmmy’s choice of course) and asked me where I was headed off to since most of the major departmental stores would be close for the first day of Lebaran. I told them I was not going to waste a perfectly good public holiday by roasting my arse like chestnuts on the living room couch. I had to go out. MY life demands of this. Dddy decided to tag along and Mmmy followed suit.

We went to Bangsar to have tea. The town was empty. We even scored a parking smack in front of Bangsar Village II. How out-of-this-world is that?? I opt for Delicious as the parentals’ palate is the opposite of vast. They can’t take anything unorthodox. Delicious is a safe base for both parties. They could have a mushroom sandwich and I could have cake and pie. And have we did. It was a very pleasant afternoon. I enjoyed their company very much with nosy Dddy eavesdropping on a neighbouring lovers squabble and yim-chim Mmmy who made very little complaints for once.

Also I bought a lovely set of teapot and matching cups (sold separately) on Raya sale at Sia. That place is filled with everything pretty!! Me likes.

At night I dropped by Miss TanTan’s housewarming at Puchong. She finally furnished the place and it’s all set for lease. She had a big crowd over, mainly her salsa friends. I’m my friends’ friends so I know quite abit of them. Dinner started at Bumbu Bali.

The long stretch of table.

Ah Loh now has almost everyone in salsa working under him in his company. I asked him to give me a job. He said there’s nothing I can do. So NOT true. I could be ace at wasting time and walking to the water cooler!

Made new acquaintances. This is Miss ZelZel. She, to me, is the epitome of freedom.

Human oyster. Need I say more?

L-R: The hostess + moi

Playing ‘individual’ Taboo. I almost won!

Heading towards the kitchen for the 32nd time to refill my alco pot: plastic glass-lah OK.

*sigh* It’s moments like these that makes me despise having to return to TI for work. Why can’t I be stationed locally? Whyyyyyyy? It’s like Indon all over a-f*cking-gain. I want days like these to be everyday NOT once / twice a f*cking month days...

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