Sunday, October 26, 2008


Tonight You Belong To Me (Cover On Uke) feat Azwar Rashid

I had to return to the Cuppacakes show, 'cos my Lightblok wasn't working, for Syamly to do a quick fixer-upper. As I stood patiently and waited... a band lined up for the night started playing. The songs that I managed to catch were 'Poppy' and 'honeyBee' (really like this one). Brilliant!! So dreamy and demure :) Will try to look for an album. Who knows where I can get Kokokaina's album?? Leave a message OK..


Anonymous said...

Hey album wont be coming out till beginning of next year..=) unless you want her single "no Christmas for me" which is already out.

shelbybaby said...

anon: thx so much for the heads up..! looking fwd to it and let me in on the album release okayyy :)

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