Saturday, October 04, 2008

i'm your october baby!!

Dear dear Nuffnang,

I am nominating myself to be October's blogger of the month. I do very righteously believe that I deserve to be one because:

une: It's OCTOBER and my Shelbulous site aka baby will be turning a a good ripe ole age of 4. It did not occur to me that i have been 'writing' (let's sound a lil' frefessional yah) this long 'till my medical officer who found and read my site pointed out that fortunate fact. What started out as a silly juvenile homage to this rocker I fancied has now metamorphosized into a celebration of myself and my journey through existence.

deux: I'm a doctor. Yes that's the password. Put a geeky old boredom profession in the limelight for once. We make the world go round too!

trois: You're looking at a C-list celebrity! Wh.. hello?? Did you NOT read my feature in The Star Weekender?? No?? It's OK I forgive you my friendly visitors from Uranus.

quatre: I am a one-man woman *ahem* I mean a one asia blog-ad blogger. despite the slow crawl in earnings department of which could have been improved (by signing up to more than blog-ad community), I remain patient and faithful with big big dreams that one day that crispy RM50 cheque would one day arrive in my dusty postbox. You can make it come true!

cinq: I'm a very hau-soon (filial) daughter. Good example to society or not? OK-lah this is totally unrelated. I'm sort of running out of excuses to put myself on a pedestal. 5 reasons more...

six: I do stuff... speed-dating, Kenko fish spa, inject sick people with medicine, get angry, find ways to be pretty, learn to bake macaroons, shop, hate starting work on mondays, wear a sari, love Cuppacakes, visit 7-11 on an almost daily basis, had my heart broken, the works...

sept: I have hot friends!

huit: I have impeccable style. Yes, perhaps that's stretching it. And yes, perhaps the only vote comes from myself but haven't you learnt that one vote can change the world?! So yes, I have impeccable style.

neuf: I'm FAT and I admit it. We all have our flaws. Mine is simple carbohydrates!

dix: I'm a princess. adhere to my demands(!!)... please :)

So there you go 10 top reasons (for every month of that I delayed sending in this mail) to feature me as blogger of the month.

Something is wrong with Nuffnang's editor inbox 'cos my e-mail proposal gets returned-to-sender everyday. Good people of the world: nang me so I get noticed!


vialentino said...

wow...u r a doctor....i support u as nuff nang blogger of the month for october.

care for blog link exchange if u like my blog too?

Ahmike said...

Sister, i am glad that you have such great heart for community, sure I hope you will be chosen! All the best xD nice to know you..btw, i am a young boy.

Big Boys Oven said...

wow nice write up!
by the way we having macaron class on the 19thOct, will you be joining us?

the cili padi doctor said... are as usual, original and hilarious.

i hope u get nominated too..and dun get too bored in D.C. You will get used to it one day (i hope) I used to hate it a lot too, but once you've got some missions and a chill-out crowd of people to mix with, DC is not too bad.

All the best in your quest for celebrity-hood!! Hehehe

shelbybaby said...

vialentino: yeayyy i got a supporter! i'll link you up soon.

ahmike: wah great heart for community is perhaps stretching it-lah... (i only got great heart for myself *giggle*). thank you for the vote of confidence!

BB oven: it's been awhile since our macaroon-tartelette class hor? i wish i could come for a macaroon class but i'm oncall that weekend. what a shame. next time i hope!

cilipadi dr: weeeee!! i wish myself the best in my quest for celebrity-hood too :D here's hoping things work out *fingers and toes crossed*

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