Friday, October 31, 2008

i have a secret

2 secrets actually.

One to be revealed tomorrow..

And the next afew days after..

Ohmelordy I'm so excited I'm spinning around in my head and my bones are trembling in the core!!


curryegg said...

Secret? Emmm.... sound 'yummy'... haha..

Found your blog in Nuffnang-featured blog.. :)

shelbybaby said...

curryegg: ayooooo *smacks forehead* wahaha nuffnang beats me to the chase: that was supposed to be my secret no.1- revealed. Not a secret liao keke :P

Anonymous said...

congrats babe!!! to me, you're the best blogger ever!!!! *woo hoo*

~bella bella~

albie said...

Hehe.. congrats Dr Shelby. :)

shelbybaby said...

bella2: i am?? i mean.. hell yeah!! this pretty great rite girl? i'm so in awe of this happening..

albie: merci beaucoup albs!! hehe too :D

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