Wednesday, October 01, 2008

happy lebaran!

15 things Raya mean to me:
1. Ketupat and lemang. Me likes!
2. Those night torches that line the lawn path.. only in the village. Very endearing
5. Blink-blink baju kurung
6. Jaya Jusco and Isetan closed for the holidays
7. KL is empty
8. TI (Teluk Intan) is crowded
9. Pediatric patients' mother sobbing loudly when we tell her that her sick child with Platelet level of 18,000 cannot be discharged because it didn't hit the 20k: "Nak balikkkk. Nak Rayaaaaa doctor waaaaaa!" I wonder who's really the child here?
10. My neighbour lines his door with colourful blinking fairy lights and blasts Raya anthems keke
11. Raya so-called sales.
12. Getting parking smack in front of Bangsar Village II at lunch-time
13. Rendang... mmm Raya rendang is always extra sedap
14. Understaffed with all the Muslim doctors out on leave
15. Constantly worrying about Espoir's state of watering level since I'm away
So... what does it mean to you?

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